Monumental change.
What now?

US Tax Reform

From new tax rates to fewer deductions, credits and exclusions, the Tax Jobs and Cuts Act will have wide-ranging effects on your individual and business clients.

At AICPA ENGAGE, experience a comprehensive overview of these historic changes impacting you, your business and your clients. Get the answers you need this June.

Look for:

  • Strategies to help practitioners leverage tax reform with planning opportunities. 
  • Clarification of the new legislation

In these times of evolutionary change is your organization ready?

With all these changes, are you running the best organization possible? Do you have the latest information that can help you and your firm succeed? Are you up-to-date on technology? The Tax Jobs and Cuts Act? Firm management trends?

Where does AICPA ENGAGE come in?

  • Up-to-the-minute insights and strategies to help practitioners and planners provide clarity to clients
  • Comprehensive, technical details on US tax reform in estate, tax and personal financial planning
  • Community forums to talk to peers who face the same struggles as you.
  • Get a detailed look at how the Tax Cut and Job Act impacts your area of focus.
  • Sessions addressing how technology will support your overall changes
  • Exhibitors bringing you cutting-edge technology solutions

Tax Act hot topics:

  • 199A Updates
  • Individual Tax Overhaul
  • Changes to IRAs/Roths
  • High Net Worth and the 99%
  • Estate Planning Update
  • Navigating a Bold, New Tax World

Practice Management and Technology Sessions:

  • Tech Update
  • Small Firm Technology Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence Application in Today’s Firm
  • Blockchain Application
  • Building a Technology Roadmap/Strategy
  • How Technology is Changing the Audit
  • Assessing Your Firm's Cybersecurity/Privacy Risks

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