AICPA Practitioners and TECH+ Conference | ENGAGE 2020
Turning innovation into practice

Practitioners and TECH+ (PST)

Tuesday, June 9 – Thursday, June 11

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Explore the agenda

Evolve your firm into the future.

The accounting profession is already a very different place, and it will only be changing more.

On one hand, you’re balancing the demands of running an efficient firm and upping your client service game. On the other, you’re having to keep up with new technologies that will keep you relevant today and tomorrow.

At Practitioners and TECH+, every session delivers the concentrated knowledge, skills and contacts you need to make your firm vision a reality and embrace change NOW.

Evolve your tech capabilities with:

  • Ready to use tools to inspire rapid development and change management 
  • Positive and productive outlooks, because change isn’t easy for everyone
  • Deeper exploration of what differentiates the star talent in your practice
  • Insights into tech innovations like artificial intelligence, blockchain and their impact on firms and their clients 

Key presenters you don’t want to miss:

  • Amy Vetter
  • David Cieslak
  • Donny Shimamoto
  • Pascal Finette
  • Ron Baker
  • Shari Harley

Three days of engagement


AICPA Staff Recommendations:

  • Unlearning for Future Success
  • Cybersecurity - You have been breached! Now what?
  • Death of the Dreaded Password
  • Reframing Common Generational Complaints – For All Generations
  • Creating an Innovation Engine Panel
  • Leadership Lessons in the #MeToo Era
  • Generation NeXt Clients: Engaging Them for the Long Haul
  • Just Say It! Making ANY Conversation Easy
  • RPA - Bots: Practical Use Cases for the 3 Lines of Defense
  • Managing your Firm's Involvement in the Cannabis Industry (Crossover: Cannabis Track)
  • SOC Reporting (NAAATS Crossover)

2019 Pre-Event Workshops:

  • Cybersecurity Governance & Risk Management Strategies
  • Advanced Client Assessments
  • Measure What Matters to Customers: Using Key Predictive Indicators
  • Advance Topics in Data Analytics

Who will be there:

  • Managing partners
  • Shareholders
  • Sole practitioners
  • Firm administrators
  • IT professionals
  • Administrators
  • Staff from all areas of the firm