The distance between idea and action

AICPA Practitioners and TECH+


June 9–13 | Las Vegas or attend online

Close the gap with step-by-step guidance.

The trick to reaching your goals? Dream big, then accomplish your dreams in small increments.

The Practitioners and TECH+ Conference helps you with both stages: the vision of your future-ready practice and the reality of bringing it to life. By enhancing the tools you already have. Acquiring new ideas and skillsets. And by scanning the horizon for emerging tech coming your way.

Every session — yes, every session — offers how-to instructions, so you can make informed decisions and succeed, without losing precious time.

Your advantage during AICPA ENGAGE:

  • Fresh looks at evergreen topics, including firm profitability, succession planning and partner accountability
  • Positive and productive outlooks, because change isn’t easy for everyone
  • Deeper exploration of what differentiates the star talent in your practice
  • Ready to use tools to inspire rapid development and change management 
  • Insights into tech innovations like artificial intelligence, blockchain and their impact on firms and their clients 

The AICPA Practitioners and TECH+ Conference is designed by the Practitioners Symposium and TECH+ Steering Committee.