Reveal the bigger picture for your clients

Tax Strategies for the High-Income Individual


June 9–13 | Las Vegas or attend online

There’s more than meets the eye.

The hallmark of a true adviser: Going beyond the obvious questions. Understanding their clients’ motivations. Bringing dreams to life.

Use your role to show your clients that a given tax law is more than credits and deductions. Instead, it’s the framework that gets them closer to their aspirations for now and their legacy for later.

The Tax Strategies for the High-Income Individual Conference challenges you to think of tax as a proactive opportunity and the start of something bigger.

Your advantage during AICPA ENGAGE:

  • Coverage of critical tax topics, as selected by the profession’s leaders who are passionate about tax
  • Strategies to match your clients with the right type of planning services
  • Exposure to new business models, client fee structures and other practice refinements
  • Conversations and advice from the nation’s leading specialists of high-net-worth planning