Finance Redefined Track | ENGAGE 2020

Digital transformation starts with you

Digital disruption is today’s new normal. The transformation of the finance function to embrace this disruption remains top priority for finance leaders. As businesses demand a more efficient, insightful and controlled finance function which can support and lead new strategies in a demanding environment, those who adapt and embrace change will prosper.

Finance Leaders will help you to evolve your finance function to fail fast, be agile and make a difference. Packed full of bold strategies, fresh thinking and practical application, Finance Leaders provides you with the toolkit you need to improve performance and deliver a sustainable, consistent and profitable function.

We invite you to come and share in the practical experiences of our practitioner speakers as they embrace digital and progress the capabilities, profitability and value of finance to the business.

Make sure you are a disruptor, not disrupted!

Your advantage during ENGAGE:

  • Simplify complexity and ensure sustainable, profitable growth
  • Implement an Agile approach to transformation, delivering incremental value along the way
  • Learn how to make your value to the business both visible and tangible
  • Position yourself as strategic partner / co-pilot to the business
  • Use the right language and communication to connect the change team with the run team for maximum results
  • Embed an innovation culture and mindset across your team
  • Stay abreast of core and exponential digital tools advancing the capabilities and performance of finance

Three days of engagement


2020 AICPA Staff Recommendations:

  • Disruptor or disrupted. Which one are you?
  • Become a data-driven centre of expertise
  • Embrace an Agile approach to transformation
  • Become a strategic enabler and value-adding partner to the business
  • The art of leadership
  • A CFO’s guide to Design Thinking
  • Empower finance with an innovation mindset and skillset
  • Create visible and tangible value to the business

Who will be there:

  • CFO
  • SVP, VP, Head of Finance
  • Chief, Head of Accounting
  • Head of FP&A
  • Controller