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EDGE Career Development


June 9–13 | Las Vegas or attend online

Dedication to your goal, courage for your action

Sure, we call it our official event for young CPAs and finance professionals. But more than that, the EDGE Experience is all about what you bring to the table. And what you take away.

Memories. Connections. Inspiration to imagine your biggest dream and strategies to get you closer day by day.

Unlock the full view of your career path at AICPA ENGAGE. What’s behind the next door? That’s for you to discover during four days of thought-provoking, career-defining learning.

Unlock unlimited possibilities for yourself and your organization during EDGE @ ENGAGE. Surround yourself with power influencers, pioneers of the leadership and 3,800 CPAs and financial professionals representing every segment of the profession. Share experiences with peers who know exactly what you're going through and the challenges that you face.

Your advantage during AICPA ENGAGE:

  • Sessions that break the mold of typical conferences
  • Peer-to-peer learning for practical takeaways
  • Ongoing relationships to keep your momentum going
  • Flexible strategies to build your leadership skills

On-site: Networking with peers

Recognize your peers and vendors with color coded badges

Meet colleagues outside of your main focus area and compare learnings and best practices that affect the profession.

Quality experience for online attendees

Online attendees will be able to easily sort sessions and enter chat rooms specific to your focus areas.

Enjoy online only events such as live Q&A sessions with keynotes