Jacky Higgins | ENGAGE 2020

Jacky Higgins

Assurance Senior Manager, RSM US LLP
Boston, MA

Jacky is an audit senior manager with over 13 years of extensive experience in the financial services industry. Jacky has served hedge fund and private equity fund clients, including fund of funds, mutual fund complexes and performed custody examinations for registered investment advisors. She also has an extensive understanding of fund accounting and back office functions through performing internal control engagements.

Jacky specializes in audits of complex investments and fund structures, including private valuation models, mortgage-backed securities, collateralized mortgage obligations, government and agency obligations, bank debt, bond amortization, derivatives (commodity, interest rate, credit default, and foreign currency). She is experienced with measuring the impact of ASC 820, Fair Value Measurements.

Prior to joining RSM, Jacky spent over five years with a Big Four firm in their asset management practice. Industry specialization include: Financial Services, Asset Management, Alternative investments and regulated investment companies.