Dustin Verity | AICPA ENGAGE 2019

Dustin Verity

Managing Partner, Verity CPAs
Honolulu, HI

Dustin Verity has over nineteen years of providing accounting, audit, and attest services to small and middle market, businesses and organizations.
Additionally, Mr. Verity serves on the AICPA’s Accounting and Review Services Committee, which is a standard setting body for accounting and review standards and is limited to seven experienced partners nationwide. Mr. Verity is an alumni of the AICPA Technical Issues Committee, which is limited to 13 audit partners from across the United States and advocates for accounting firms and their clients in the standard-setting process with the FASB, GASB, ASB, ARSC, and PEEC.
Mr. Verity also serves as a technical writer for the AICPA and has contributed to such practice aids as, the 2013/2014 Real Estate Ventures and Construction Contractors Audit Risk Alert, the 2013/2014 Construction Contractors Audit and Accounting Guide, the 2013 Employee Benefits Plan Audit Risk Alert, Internal Control for Today’s Smart Businesses, and, The Auditor’s Report: Comprehensive Guidance and Examples.
Prior to forming Verity CPAs, Mr. Verity was a Principal at PKF Pacific Hawaii LLP and a Senior Manager at Grant Thornton LLP.