Dan Snyder | ENGAGE 2020

Dan Snyder

Senior Manager - Personal Financial Planning (PA) Advisory Services and Credentialing, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
Durham, NC

Dan has worked as a professional in the retirement, investment, and insurance industry for 30 years and is currently responsible for the AICPA’s Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) credential program and related areas. Prior to joining the AICPA, Dan was the retirement product manager at Paychex coordinating sales and product development needs for small businesses retirement plans. Previous experiences included providing insurance and investment services to individuals and small business owners, managing Campbell Soup Company’s 401(k) and Savings Plans, and establishing an independent retirement third party administration (TPA) firm for qualified plans.
Dan’s passion is the application of sound planning principles and financial education to help people identify and attain their life’s goals. Family, woodworking and photography occupy his non-working time.