2015 AICPA Outstanding Young CPA Award winner | ENGAGE 2020

Dan Griffiths' Hand-picked 2019 Agenda

2015 AICPA Outstanding Young CPA Award winner

Up to 31.5 CPE


EDGE Career Development

Titles on Dan Griffiths' LinkedIn profile:

Partner, Tanner LLC

Your professional credentials and affiliations:


Years in the business:


Your ambitions:

  • Deliver a-ha moments every day with real-time insights
  • Significantly expand the consulting service lines at my firm
  • Evolve my practice to provide tech answers
  • Make my clients’ lives easier by simplifying repetitive financial tasks

In your toolkit:

  • Business intelligence
  • Cybersecurity and privacy
  • Strategic planning
  • Emerging tech, including AI, blockchain and data analytics

Your agenda at AICPA ENGAGE 2019

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