Association for Accounting Marketing Quiz | AICPA ENGAGE 2019

Association for Accounting Marketing Quiz Overall Results

According to Inside Public Accounting's 2018 Firm Administration Report, what is the approximate ratio of full-time marketing professionals per $10M of firm revenue?

Which type of testimonial provides the best ROI?

In Google Analytics, what is the definition of a website "bounce"?

Which one of the following results will occur from using Google's Tag Manger product?

What is the cost increase to close an unreferred prospect vs. a referred prospect?

When it comes to driving business at accounting firms, one of the newest marketing trends you will be seeing in 2019 includes:

One of your goals is to become recognized as a highly regarded specialist in your area and among your professional network. What do you think is the most effective and efficient way to produce accurate, compelling and marketable content your clients and prospects are looking for, while ensuring that the billable hour is not sacrificed in the process?

What three components are essential to a successful referral networking event?

During the sales process there is a phase in which the pursuit leader or team collaborates with the prospect to co-develop a solution that will eventually be shaped into a proposed engagement. Which of the following is a way that a marketing professional or team can effectively support the pursuit while it is in this phase?

Unconscious bias happens as a result of: