Advanced Estate Planning Quiz | AICPA ENGAGE 2019

Advanced Estate Planning Quiz Overall Results

When must a taxpayer recognize remaining gains that were deferred into Qualified Opportunity (Zone) Funds?

In determining the 199A deduction allowable to a trust that exceeds the $157,500 threshold, the qualified business income, W-2 wages and the unadjusted initial cost basis are allocated between the trust and the beneficiary based upon:

What is the advantage of creating multiple trusts and transferring business interests to them for Section 199A?

Now that the "clawback" Treasury regulations have been issued, clients who can afford to make a large taxable gift today should:

Which of the following methods to increase cost basis in a decedent's estate might be prevented under an applicable state statute?

Is managing basis additionally important after tax reform?

The technique referred to as "upstream estate planning" is meant to refer to:

What is the best way to establish that you've changed your domicile to another state?

If your client gets sick and needs long-term care, how will they pay for it?

As it relates to the sources of funds used to invest in an opportunity zone fund: