Speed Mentoring | ENGAGE 2020

Speed Mentoring At ENGAGE, Powered by the AICPA Online Mentoring Program

What can happen when you’re connected to another curious, vibrant mind? Someone you’ve never met and probably wouldn’t?

Now there is a way to find out. Sign up today for the AICPA Speed Mentoring event at ENGAGE; spots are limited so sign-up as soon as you can.

Speed mentoring format:

Arrive by 6:10 pm at the speed mentoring area (Grand Ballroom Foyer, Level 1, Conference Center) for a 6:15pm start (SHARP!)

  • 60 minutes session total
  • First 10 minutes will be seating, introduction and format discussion
  • 50 minutes of speed mentoring
  • 5 rounds of 10-minute mentoring discussion
  • Mentees rotate to next mentor (mentor stay seated) at end of 10 minutes

Tuesday, June 11
6:10pm-7:15pm PT

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Mentoring: What's in it for professionals?

Who do you admire? Who's professional path has inspired you?

Mentors can:

  • Help you define your goals and career options
  • Help you consider important decisions and offer advice on ways to hone your leadership or other professional skills
  • Provide perspective, based on their own experience and act as a sounding board for your ambitions and ideas

Mentees can:

  • Help you gain perspective on the challenges that other CPAs are facing
  • Demonstrate and enhance your own mentoring and leadership skills
  • Give back to the profession and make a difference in someone's life