June 8th Keynotes | ENGAGE 2021

Exploring new frontiers: An evening of innovative ideas.
June 8th 3:00PT/6:00ET – Live Online

AICPA & CIMA ENGAGE 2021 is proud to present “Exploring new frontiers: An evening of innovative ideas.” This special event kicks off our extended summer programming and offers a rare opportunity to hear from some of the most influential thought leaders in the world.

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A Conversation with Sir Richard Branson
in partnership with The Growth Faculty

June 8th, 2021

4:30pm PT (7:30pm ET)

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Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to hear from one of the world’s great entrepreneurs and philanthropists - Sir Richard Branson. Join event host, Jill Schlesinger (CBS News), as she explores the story behind the iconic ‘Virgin’ brand, delves into his innovative, creative thinking and learns about the challenges he’s had to overcome to get to where he is today. You’ll also hear his personal insights on:

  •  The many shapes of entrepreneurship
  • The power of the competitive spirit
  • The art of the charitable business

    Into the Unknown: How Leadership, Ingenuity, and Perseverance Put a Rover on Mars

    Adam Steltzner

    June 8th, 2021

    3pm PT (6pm ET)

    Only Adam Steltzner and his talented team at Jet Propulsion Lab could follow their “Curiosity” rover success with the stunning Mars 2020 mission to land the rover “Perseverance” on the red planet. The magnificent landing on Mars on February 18, 2021 was akin to hurling a dart from New York City to land in a 5-foot circle in Washington DC. More than a technological achievement, the successful mission stands as an extraordinary leadership accomplishment in the midst of a global pandemic. In his

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    exhilarating keynote, full of fascinating anecdotes and breathtaking images, Steltzner shares his own innovation challenges, leadership struggles, and flawless execution. Most importantly, he shows how you can overcome daunting obstacles in times of uncertainty and change. The human spirit is boundless, and Steltzner leaves you unafraid to journey from your comfort zone to explore your own exciting future.

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