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Join us: June 6—9. Live in Las Vegas + online.

Leverage ENGAGE 22 and lead your team to the next level

ENGAGE 22 is the accounting profession’s premier learning and development event designed to empower you and your organization with innovative strategies and best practice solutions.

This year we have developed the Corporate Finance and Controllers track at Engage 2022 that was specially designed for financial leaders and their senior staff, including FP&A.

Below are a few bullets summarizing some of the sessions not specific to just financial leaders:

  1. Learn to develop a working partnership that involves cross-functional collaboration across the Finance organization.
  2. Learn how to apply lean principles to your company’s month-end cycle, helping to eliminate inefficiencies that can over-burden the cycle.
  3. The ability to think critically is an important part of any job, especially in Finance. It helps drive diagnostics and effective problem solving. Through practical examples, you’ll be able to identify critical thinking techniques and recognize how to leverage data and analytics.

Learn how these exclusive sessions can be used to expand the value created by the Finance team and how your team will benefit from the following sessions:

Future of Finance AICPA Initiatives Panel

In this candid panel discussion with members of our Future of Finance Leadership Advisory Group we will discuss the key findings from our recent Future of Finance Summits and what the panel is doing to take advantage of these issues and opportunities. Also, in conjunction with Wharton Business Consulting we have been investigating whether the pandemic has changed the skills, capabilities and mindsets that successful finance leaders need.

Accelerate the Close

Compare forms of waste (over-analysis, unnecessary wait times, etc.) that can over-burden the month-end cycle with inefficiencies. Analyze actual practical examples that two Corporate Controllers applied to their departments and the step-function changes they made.

Is Your Control Environment Under Control?

Join two Corporate Controllers to analyze a COSO based review of components of an ethics based, anti-fraud internal controls framework, and compare examples reviewed including applications to both larger scale public, multi-national companies as well as smaller scale, local privately-held businesses.

Culture as a Competitive Advantage

In this session, we outline the foundational pieces that need to be put in place to turn your current culture into a competitive advantage for your organization

Beyond Theory: Application of AI & ML for Finance

Discuss the real-life applications of AI, ML in Finance and industries.

How to Develop Staff to Think Critically

The ability to think critically is an important part of any job role, especially in Finance — it drives diagnostics and effective problem solving. Join two seasoned practitioners, Kristine Lemanski and Ash Noah who will share thorough practical examples of how to learn, enhance and apply critical thinking skills at work and beyond.

Your participation in ENGAGE 22 also offers you access to key sessions focusing on:

Accounting & Auditing standards and regulations:

  1. AICPA Update: How a Global Pandemic and Emerging Technology is Reshaping Assurance
  2. Leases (ASC 842) - Implementation Best Practices
  3. Driving Value from ESG Reporting
  4. Update from the Private Company Council

Technology and business operations:

  1. Cybersecurity Threat Landscape, Risk Management and Incident Response
  2. Remote Workforce: Computing and Compliance Challenges & Best Practices
  3. Tech Update 2022 | preceded by the AICPA Technology Advisory Standing Ovation Awards

Diversity, equity and inclusion programs and support:

  1. How to Invest in a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce for Maximum Returns
  2. Allyship and the AICPA LGBTQ+ Committee
  3. AmplifiHER: Inspirational Women Breaking Ceilings and Stereotypes in the Profession
  4. Combatting the Great Resignation and its Effects on Women in the Workplace
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Round out your ENGAGE experience and explore the exhibit hall to see what resources are available to help your team move forward.

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