Where your quest meets direction

June 9–13 | Las Vegas or attend online

AICPA ENGAGE is the way forward.

It’s about driving your future, choosing your ideal path and inspiring each other along the way.

The experience: Fresh ideas to strengthen your core practice. Candid conversations about the disruption you’re experiencing now and how to prepare for even more. Technical number-crunching sessions, because sometimes, there’s no better way to solve a problem.

All that and more, at the event for accounting and finance professionals ready for the next step.

Advanced Accounting and Auditing Conference

Let’s shift from talk to action. This is the year of implementation.

You’ve been anticipating the changes for months. We’ve talked about them for even longer. Now it’s finally time to walk the walk.

The Advanced Accounting & Auditing Conference brings together the most technical guidance with the newest releases.

Advanced Estate Planning Conference

Decisions that lead to legacies.

There’s no getting around it — estate planning is personal business. Whether or not your clients have a clear vision for their legacy, they are looking to you to make it come to life.

Your mission? Stay current. Stay flexible. Stay aware. Then translate your knowledge so your clients can make the right decisions.

Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference

Meaningful direction starts with you.

Any computer can collect data. What you can offer clients is something that far exceeds a machine.

By building and expanding your consultation services, you’ll be ready to meet future client needs and expectations. And you’ll be ahead of changes in the profession that are just around the corner.

The Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference focuses on making you an invaluable voice in your clients’ lives, starting today.

EDGE Career Development Conference

Dedication to your goal, courage for your action

Sure, we call it our official event for young CPAs and finance professionals. But more than that, the EDGE Experience is all about what you bring to the table. And what you take away.

Memories. Connections. Inspiration to imagine your biggest dream and strategies to get you closer day by day.

Practitioners and TECH+ Conference

The distance between idea and action

The trick to reaching your goals? Dream big, then break it up into small increments.

The Practitioners and TECH+ Conference helps you with both stages: the vision of your future-ready practice and the reality of bringing it to life. By using the tools you already have. And by scanning the horizon for emerging tech coming your way.

Tax Strategies for the High-Income Conference

Reveal the bigger picture for your clients.

The hallmark of a true adviser: Going beyond the obvious questions. Understanding their clients’ motivations. Bringing dreams to life.

The Tax Strategies for the High-Income Individual Conference challenges you to think of tax as a proactive opportunity and the start of something bigger.

Association for Accounting Marketing Summit

The way forward leads to you.

To ensure that your firm keeps pace, you must advocate for change. Changes that help exceed your clients’ expectations for your firms. Changes that reflect the world we live in and the direction we’re headed.

The Association of Accounting Marketing Summit brings together the profession’s leading minds with content that guides you forward — to help you reach your goals and beyond.

CPAFMA National Practice Management Conference

Connections that reveal the way forward

Tap into their answers, insights and forecast during the CPAFMA National Practice Management Conference . You’ll learn the precise next steps to push your business forward and emerge as an indispensable part of your firm’s practice management.