Practitioners Symposium and TECH+

June 9–13 | Las Vegas or attend online

Embrace your brand’s qualities.

Strengthen your core services and elevate your firm’s practice management with the Practitioners and TECH+ curriculum.

Look for: A comprehensive review of advantages and challenges for small- and medium-sized firms

What you’ll gain: Technical, marketing, tax and A&A insights to help you grow your business and enhance your profitability

What’s in it for YOU?

You and every member of your firm will be inspired and invigorated with knowledge to implement immediately:

  • Technology trends, including the latest on cloud migration
  • Management techniques to help grow your business and enhance profitability
  • Marketing and sales initiatives that leverage client data through analytics
  • Human resource programming that can help attract and retain key employees

Three days of engagement


Curriculum Themes

  • Improving Firm Culture
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • The Future of Financial Reporting
  • Trends in Partner Compensation
  • Cybersecurity

Who will be there?

  • Managing partners
  • Shareholders
  • Sole practitioners
  • Firm administrators
  • IT professionals
  • Administrators
  • Staff from all areas of the firm

The AICPA ENGAGE Experience