Defining the
modern CPA practice

Symposium and

Sessions: June 12–14
Workshops: June 10–11


Embrace your brand’s qualities.

Strengthen your core services and elevate your firm’s practice management with the Practitioners and TECH+ curriculum.

Look for: A comprehensive review of advantages and challenges for small- and medium-sized firms

What you’ll gain: Technical, marketing, tax and A&A insights to help you grow your business and enhance your profitability

What’s in it for YOU?

You and every member of your firm will be inspired and invigorated with knowledge to implement immediately:

  • Technology trends, including the latest on cloud migration
  • Management techniques to help grow your business and enhance profitability
  • Marketing and sales initiatives that leverage client data through analytics
  • Human resource programming that can help attract and retain key employees

Three days of engagement


Curriculum Themes

  • Improving Firm Culture
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • The Future of Financial Reporting
  • Trends in Partner Compensation
  • Cybersecurity

Who will be there?

  • Managing partners
  • Shareholders
  • Sole practitioners
  • Firm administrators
  • IT professionals
  • Administrators
  • Staff from all areas of the firm

Insightful Keynotes


Jennifer Wilson

Co-founder and Partner, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC


Joel Sinkin

President, Transition Advisors,LLC

AICPA Practitioners community:

Calling all accounting professionals with an interest in firm management, technological updates and technical deep dives in accounting and auditing. Explore 3 curriculums designed just for you. Don’t miss out on the professional impact track, EDGE Career Development and Planner sessions!

AICPA ENGAGE is built on the advantage of crossover sessions. You as a practitioner have specific and unique learning needs but don’t put yourself in a box. This June is your opportunity to branch out into 7 different focus areas. Attend sessions and discover new strategies you can implement immediately.

Make yourself at home

Your curriculums are at the heart of AICPA ENGAGE. Now, it’s easier than ever to find your people.

Chart the path to your peers

  • More time spent networking in 2018
  • All-Access Pass: 70 PSTECH+ specific sessions including Sunday workshops
  • Wednesday night reception for your attendees in addition to nightly exhibit hall networking receptions
  • Look for blue ribbons, lanyards, & directional signage onsite to help you find PSTECH+ colleagues and peers
  • Mon-Wed: PSTECH+ Lounge in Exhibit hall
  • Tuesday lunch: Find your community at blue tables during networking lunches in the arena, with discussion topics based on your area of interest
  • Grouped sessions for “hallway networking” and shorter walking distances between sessions
  • Curriculum HQ: visit the AICPA Conferences app to find session highlights, networking opportunities for your community and more
  • Tuesday night: Dedicated bays at Topgolf event

Pre-Conference Workshops included in the ALL ACCESS PASS

Pre-Conference Workshops


Advanced Accounting and Auditing Workshops

CPAFMA Workshops

On-site: Networking with peers

Recognize your peers and vendors with color coded badges

Meet colleagues outside of your main focus area and compare learnings and best practices that affect the profession.

Quality experience for online conference attendees

Online attendees will be able to easily sort sessions and enter chat rooms specific to your focus areas.

Enjoy online only events such as live Q&A sessions with keynotes

2017 Highlights