Finance Redefined Track | AICPA ENGAGE 2019
Thriving in the age of digital disruption

Finance Redefined sessions at AICPA ENGAGE

The revolution is here.

The point of attending AICPA ENGAGE is to push your organization forward today and in the foreseeable future. But what comes after that?

Our Finance Redefined sessions will help you close the gap between the reality of today’s revolutionary changes and the mindset that the changes won’t come for another decade.

The time in between represents lost opportunities passing you by.

The imperative is yours, and we’re here to help. Every session delivers direct guidance to help you find your footing in a globalized economy and through rapid technological advances.

Why should you attend these sessions?
Get to the heart of data compliance and GDPR, cryptocurrency, robotics-process automation, strategic planning and more topics driving accounting and FinTech into this time of revolutionary change.

Why at AICPA ENGAGE: This track is designed to round out your core learning during the 7 ENGAGE curriculums bringing you the most comprehensive technical updates for the accounting and financial industry.

Look for — Skills to help you adapt. Learn how to take on risks, build strategies and innovate as you and your organization grow. Get a hands-on experience that you can start implementing immediately.

More from our Human Intelligence series on managing change, mentoring and coaching your team and simplifying complex problems.

What you’ll gain — New problem-solving skills, inspiration from innovators and a deeper understanding of tomorrow’s workplace. The mindset of a forward-planning finance professional. A road map to the technological revolution.

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Take an even deeper dive into where accounting and finance are headed – and get a digital badge to reflect your achievement.