Data Driven Leader | AICPA ENGAGE 2019
Unlock what the future holds.

Data Driven Leadership Program

Sessions: June 11-13

Light-years ahead with numbers

What happens when changes you expected 10 years down the road are much closer — as in, happening right now? How do you make strategic business decisions when you are deluged with data?

We’ll help you answer these questions during the Data-Driven Leadership sessions within Finance Redefined at AICPA ENGAGE. You’ll be immersed in the new realities of financial services delivery and the FinTech driving the change, plus the opportunities awaiting you.

Attendees will discover:

  • A framework for data driven organizations
  • Key change management considerations
  • How to empower teams to be data driven and make proactive decisions
  • How to get buy in from key stakeholders

Build your experience.


Data Driven Leadership Program

Four hands-on sessions that guide you through how to build and implement data-driven strategies.


Finance Redefined

Get to the heart of data compliance and GDPR, cryptocurrency, robotics-process automation, strategic planning and more topics driving accounting and FinTech in this time of revolutionary change.


Developed for:

  • Controllers, CFOs and finance managers
  • Executives with responsibility for financial planning, strategy and analysis for small, medium or large companies
  • CPAs in public practice and business & industry
  • Senior leadership interested in implementing a data analytics strategy


Absorb, reflect, challenge and apply the best of what the CPA profession has to offer.

The new Data-Driven Leader distinction

Attend all four sessions, plus a Human Intelligence session in the Finance Redefined track. Set yourself apart as a future-ready finance professional.

In this first program session, you’ll learn how to identify what data you want to capture and what types of decisions you’d want to power.

You’ll understand how a data strategy will affect your executive team, technology, people and processes, as well as what new capabilities you need to grow your data-driven strategy.

In this second session, you’ll be introduced to the needs of data-driven organizations. You’ll learn about the new job roles, new skills, organizational structure and the types of technology that you need to consider for implementation.

In addition, you’ll understand the key change management considerations to be successful through this transformation.

In this third session, you’ll learn what it takes to develop and enable a data-focused culture. To be successful as a data-driven organization, team members must understand how to leverage data to make better decisions daily.

This session will explain practical approaches to empowering your team to be data-driven and proactive rather than reactive. A market-focused, proactive approach encourages innovation throughout the organization.

In this final session, you will learn about the common challenges of becoming a data-driven organization, including getting executive leadership buy-in, preparing for data overload, ensuring data quality, handling common talent concerns, data governance and acting on the insights from your analysis.

Choose from one of three human intelligence sessions offered with the Finance Redefined track. Your choices are session FIN1814-Human Intelligence: Change Management Where Data and People Intersect, FIN1817-Human Intelligence: Simplifying Complex Problems, and FIN1807-Human Intelligence- One of the Single Biggest Predictors of Success in Life.