Sessions | ENGAGE 2020

Monday, June 10 2019

6/10 8:00AM8:50AM

ENG19K001. The View from the IRS

Charles P. Rettig - Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service

Join Charles Rettig as he discusses his opening months as IRS Commissioner. He will touch on:
- His top priorities
- The impact of TCJA
- IRS Modernization efforts
- How AICPA members can work with the IRS to help improve the nation’s tax system

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn the current issues of the IRS so you can better serve clients
2) Learn the intricacies of the relationship between the IRS and the accounting profession

6/10 9:00AM12:00PM

FIN19101. Embedding Agility and Agile Learning in your Organization

Pardeep Dhanda - Head of Agile Learning, 02 Agile Ltd

A recent study showed that the average American checks their phone approximately 80 times a day. Digital chaos is making our lives more challenging now than ever before. Should I check again for any replies to my social media streams? How should I prioritise my backlog of emails? How many tasks can I take on at once? These are all everyday challenges that we face whilst living through the 4th Industrial Revolution. Pardeep Dhanda will run an interactive learning experience to share practical Agile techniques that can help with all of the above challenges. He will share concepts that are being used by Agile teams who need to react fast and continuously deliver results. Be prepared to put your phones down, and engage in an epic Agile adventure delivered through storytelling, animation, music, play and presentation!

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn the common definition of Agile and agility and gain an overview of the most popular Agile framework - Scrum
2) Understand the product development process and apply it to your own work
3) Learn to demonstrate key team behaviours required to be successful in an Agile environment regardless of industry or type of work you do
4) Above all else, to have fun!

6/10 9:00AM12:00PM

FIN19102. Start Anywhere, Finish First; How to Ignite your Finance Organization

Robert Woods - Finance Transformation Solutions Leader, PwC US
Kara Blocklinger - Director, PwC
Blair Taylor - Partner, PwC US
6/10 1:30PM2:45PM

ENG19K01. The Fat Tail: The Power of Political Knowledge for Strategic Investing

Ian Bremmer - President & Founder, Eurasia Group and GZERO Media

The fallout from the still-unfolding global financial crisis provides several perfect examples of "fat tail" risk, those that flow from the low-probability, high-impact events that generate upheaval more often than we think. Bremmer shares with audiences how an understanding of the political dynamics generated by the financial crisis helps us forecast market risks, why politics matter more than ever for market performance, why the world's wealthiest countries have begun to behave like emerging market states, and what all this means for investors and companies.

At this presentation audiences will learn:
1) The risks that flow from low-probability, high-impact the global financial crisis
2) Why politics matter more for the performance of markets and for issues ranging from defaults to nationalization to regulatory reforms
3) Why developed states are behaving more like emerging markets
4) The shift from New York, Shanghai, and Mumbai to Washington, Beijing, and Delhi—and the risks that this trend creates

Tuesday, June 11 2019

6/11 7:00AM7:50AM

FIN19ER01. Creating a Data-Driven Business Strategy

Anton Duvall - CFO, Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions

Attend this session to hear real life example of how access to data and the transparency it brings can radically change an established business strategy. And the challenges the organization faces to accept it.

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn and recognize the power of Data + Basic Cost Accounting
2) Learn the impact of Data on the profitability view of entities

6/11 8:00AM9:15AM

FIN1901. Excellence & Innovation Acceleration: Unleashing the Power of Great People and Organizations

Jose Pires - President, Global Excellence & Innovation

In a fast-changing world, how do you build a culture where extraordinary innovation becomes ordinary? A culture that lasts and consistently delivers exponential leaders, growth and value creation. The key ingredients to innovation acceleration are not what you see portrayed most often in the media. Great, enduring organizations know what it really takes to create and, most importantly, scale innovation. We will explore how to blend disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations in any industry. This high energy session will engage the audience in powerful collaborative leadership principles applied to business improvement and innovation. In the “Need for Speed” challenge, participants will collaborate to innovate in real time and “make the impossible, possible.”

Learning Objectives:
1) How to build a sustainable culture of Excellence & Innovation anywhere in the world
2) How to identify or develop highly engaged innovators and entrepreneurs in your organization
3) How to select, prioritize and accelerate high impact, innovation projects

6/11 9:30AM10:20AM

FIN1902. How to Build and Support a Team of Innovators - an Interview with Panasonic Automotive’ s CFO

Dhiraj Cherian - CFO, Panasonic Automotive
Jose Pires - President, Global Excellence & Innovation

How do you build and support teams of innovators in your organization? Panasonic Automotive's Chief Financial Officer, Dhiraj Cherian, will share insights and best practices on a live interview moderated by Global Excellence & Innovation Leader, Jose Pires. Dhiraj brings a global perspective and long-term vision from doing business in Asia, Americas, Europe, and Middle Eastern regions. He is results-driven and commercially focused, with a leadership presence to motivate and build trust across multi-functional and multi-cultural teams. He has an excellent track-record of delivering improved financial profitability and performance, increased productivity, and enhanced controllership.

Learning Objectives:
1) How to build and support teams of innovators in your organization
2) Insights and best practices on organizational innovation acceleration

6/11 11:20AM12:10PM

FIN1903. Digital Finance: Harnessing Agility and Foresight - presented by Genpact

Vivek Saxena - SVP, Genpact

Today, financial and accounting professionals are responsible for far more than reporting and compliance: they have to provide greater strategic insight to build a future-ready enterprise. And, to enable the shift from cost to value, they have to evolve their skillsets and culture to deliver results and stay relevant in this digital world. Join Vivek Saxena, SVP and F&A Service Line Leader, Genpact, as he discusses the changing role for finance and how professionals can help build an agile function. Learn about the emerging opportunities from digital technologies and analytics as organizations build hybrid workforces and become strategic partners to the business.

Learning Objectives:
1) Understanding of How finance role & skill set required is evolving o Digital interventions and their impact
2) Real life use cases of digital technologies in Finance
3) Best practices to drive your finance organization to a digital futures

6/11 1:25PM2:40PM

FIN1904. Understanding how the Future of Work will Impact Corporate Functions

Ross Sparkman - Head of Strategic Workforce Planning, Facebook
Carrie Duarte - Partner, PwC
Jean Lee - Partner, Pwc US
Blair Taylor - Partner, PwC US

Ross Sparkman is pioneering strategic workforce planning and people analytics at Facebook – an approach critical to the media giant’s ongoing success. This modern-day method for improving company performance through its most valuable asset; PEOPLE, focuses on leveraging big data and advanced statistics to help align the workforce with organizational strategy. Once aligned, talent levers can be identified, leveraged and manipulated to create an optimal employee and organizational "people" mix that drives superior company performance.

• Do you want to know who is driving value in your business?
• Do you want to know how to identify the roles which are critical for the future success of the enterprise?

Come and have your eyes opened to the world of strategic workforce planning and its real-world application to the realms of finance and accounting.

Following Ross’s presentation, please join us for an engaging panel discussion on how finance leaders are beginning their transformations, the lessons learned/pitfalls, the cultural changes need to enable impactful changes, and how roles within Finance are moving from scorekeeper to strategic business partner.

Learning Objectives:
1) Understand how to respond to the changing nature of work due to unprecedented technological disruption
2) Learn how to begin that journey
3) Hear what is required to drive meaningful and long-term change in culture and mindset
4) Determine how finance moves from that "scorekeeper" role, to a strategic business partner
5) What is the best way to use alternative workforce to enable your firm's digital strategy?

6/11 3:40PM4:30PM

FIN1905. Citizen Led Innovation, Enabling Your Tomorrow

Robert Woods - Finance Transformation Solutions Leader, PwC US
Carrie Duarte - Partner, PwC
Jean Lee - Partner, Pwc US

Disruption is the new normal, not only for business models, but for how people work and enable team member to collaborate. To survive ongoing disruption, it is imperative that organizations arm their employees with new digital skills and new ways of thinking. Navigate disruption, achieve a better employee experience, and maximize productivity through citizen-led innovation, re-thinking traditional finance and accounting roles, and encouraging your talent to explore different skill sets and passion points. Ignite your workforce. Enable your tomorrow.

Learning Objectives:
1) Maximize innovation and automation through business and citizen-led efforts
2) Improve the digital IQ of the workforce
3) Retain talent and improve the employee experience
4) Master digital labor and where to apply that digital labor for greatest benefit

6/11 4:45PM6:00PM

FIN1907. Creating a Framework for Cross-Functional Collaboration and Business Partnering Success

Nicole Long - Formerly Group Finance Director , The Coca-Cola Company

This session will offer proven tips for how to effectively collaborate across functions to achieve business success.

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn how to diagnose the Cross-Functional Dilemma
2) Learn how to develop a Working Partnership
3) Learn to create Institutional Long Term Success

6/11 4:45PM6:00PM

FIN1906. How can Finance Help Build and Support an Insights-Driven Digital Business?

Rakesh Amerineni - Director, Finance Transformation, LinkedIn
Jim de Vries - Founder, Managing Partner, Enhance International Group
Ed Cannon - President, New Madison Ave
Elias Yanaki - Practice Lead, Data Analytics & BI, CTS Impact

Forrester’s data shows that insights-driven firms are 39% more likely to report year-over-year revenue growth of 15% or more. It is projected that the collective revenues of the top 30 insights-driven companies will be $1.8 trillion in 2021, which means they will be taking this business away from their less data and insights savvy competitors.
Insights-Driven Businesses Set The Pace For Global Growth, Forrester, 2017

Do you need to hear more?
Companies looking to succeed must take their data practices to the next level by becoming insights
driven; using data to inform all key business decisions, to ensure that they remain relevant and
successful in the future.

Learning Objectives:
1) The Maturity model – identify where you are on the journey to becoming insight- driven
2) Data quality and the importance in having a single trusted source
3) Managing the cultural aspects of moving towards an insights-driven business

Wednesday, June 12 2019

6/12 7:00AM7:50AM

ENG19SSK01. BONUS KEYNOTE: Scoring Big in Business - presented by Chase Ink

John Elway - Denver Broncos , General Manager and President of Football Operations

John Elway, Hall of Fame quarterback, General Manager and President of Football Operations for the Denver Broncos and entrepreneur, discusses how managing a football team is similar to running a business – and the secret to succeeding at both.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understanding the “mission critical” role CPAs and Accounting Professionals play in helping business owners make decisions that help their business
2. Tips on leadership, how to build the best team, ways to be more productive, stay inspired and grow your business

6/12 8:00AM9:15AM

ENG19K02. Reimagine

Barry Melancon - President and CEO, American Institute of CPAs CEO, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants , Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
William Reeb - CEO, Succession Institute,LLC

The digital era has brought about a blistering pace of change that’s only getting faster. It’s rapidly resetting consumer expectations and challenging organizations to disrupt themselves to remain relevant. And it’s bringing enormous opportunity for the accounting profession. To lead our clients and employers through these increasingly volatile times, we must open ourselves to new possibilities – reimagining the services and skills we offer to keep the profession vital and relevant well into the future.

You’ll learn:

1) The latest trends reshaping the accounting profession
2) How technology can enable us to enhance quality in existing service areas, and provide opportunity in new service areas our clients and businesses increasingly demand
3) How to evolve our skillsets to remain trusted advisors in an increasingly digital world

6/12 9:15AM9:40AM

ENG19WA01. AICPA & CPA Practice Advisor Top 25 Women in Accounting Awards

6/12 9:40AM10:30AM

ENG19K03. Leading Through Organizational Transformation — A Conversation With Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek - Optimist & Author
6/12 11:30AM12:45PM

FIN1908. How to Develop the Optimal Finance Operating Model which is Right for your Business

Nigel Franklyn - Vice President, Financial Reporting, The Prudential Insurance Company of America
Ime Ekanem - Global Business Services Lead, Uber
Daniel Christinsen - Information System Director, Agile Transformation Coach, Travelers
Vivek Saxena - SVP, Genpact
Alicia Arntson - Controller, Sweetgreen

Finance functions are developing significantly in the digital age. A higher level of automation and outsourcing of non-core finance are reshaping models, in addition to new focus on analytics and corporate data models to drive efficiencies and greater business insights. How you set up the finance function; structure, SSC’s, COE’s, skills, processes and technology, is critical to how the function delivers value and enhances capabilities across the business.

The panel will discuss how to leverage opportunity by rethinking your strategy and operating models to build a team which is central to the success of the business and is agile and digital-enabled to reflect the changing times.

Learning Objectives:
1) Knowing how and what, will be driven by digital enablement
2) The journey to reshaping the function and key steps to make it happen
3) What is the impact of data on the design of operating models?

6/12 4:50PM6:05PM

FIN1909. Transitioning CFO to Co-Pilot

Anais Lempereur - VP, Finance, Sweetgreen

Today's environments require nimble, adaptable finance leaders who understand how to best leverage their position to drive growth. The session will discuss methods to transition from the traditional functions of control and reporting into one of business partner and co-pilot.

Learning Objectives:
1) What the co-pilot approach entails, and how to make it work in your organization
2) How tp leverage existing finance skill sets in a world of real time reporting

6/12 4:50PM6:05PM

FIN1910. LinkedIn Case Study: Drive Sales Performance and CX Through Receivables Data Visibility

Pedro Morais - Snr Credit & Collections Manager, LinkedIn
Magesh Natarajan - Business Process Architect, LinkedIn

Role of Analytics in bridging the Gap between Sales And Finance to improve overall Customer experience, how Credit, Collections & AR Data insights can help Sales Org.

Learning Objectives:
1) Learning simple ways to bring receivables metrics to Sales
2) Learning to implement BI strategy in finance to help cross functional domains

Thursday, June 13 2019

6/13 7:00AM7:50AM

FIN19ER02. Operating Technology as a Business

Henry Rosin - Founder, Intelecore Group

Attend this session to get real insights into optimizing IT expense management, "total cost of ownership", & Tech Business Management. All to drive value & increased EBITDA, linking strategy and operations to best practices, integrations, & automation for smart planning.

Learning Objectives:
1) Leveraging IT operations and information systems for informed decisions
2) Awareness of IT best practices and tools availability
3) Technology Business Management as a mature business practice

6/13 7:00AM7:50AM

FIN19ER03. Agile Transformation & Finance – How Agile Changes the View on Funding Development

Daniel Christinsen - Information System Director, Agile Transformation Coach, Travelers

Agile has become one of the fastest adopted business methods in recent years. No longer just for software organizations, Agile has been leverage in a wide range of service and development companies ranging from hard goods producers to professional services. If your organization is thinking about or current engaged in an Agile Transformation, your financial team will also need to transformation in regard to how development efforts are funded and managed. In this session we will discuss... • What is Agile, its background, and core values. • Why is Agile being adopted. • How funding in a Agile organization differs from traditional waterfall methods.

Learning Objectives:
1) What is Agile and why is it being adopted by some many organizations?
2) How does Agile impact program funding models and how it compares to more traditional funding methods

6/13 7:00AM7:50AM

PST19ER03. Hot Topics in Practice Management

What are some of the practice management opportunities and challenges firms across the country are experiencing? Hear from the PCPS team about the results of the 2019 CPA Firm Top Issues survey and some tips for managing your firm more effectively. Upon completing this session, you will: 1) Have a better understanding of practice management issues firms are facing 2) Have suggestions on how to approach top concerns in practice management by firm size, including a review of resources to help

6/13 8:00AM9:15AM

ENG19K04. Stress-Testing America's Prosperity

Zanny Minton Beddoes - Editor-In-Chief, The Economist

For years, America's economy has led the rest of the developed world, but will the U.S. remain the global dynamo or is the country’s ongoing recovery built on an unsustainable pile of debt? Minton Beddoes examines the economic outlook from American and global perspectives, offering up-to-the-minute insight on policy-makers' priorities and expertise on the likely direction of issues, ranging from job creation to the deficit's effect on global interest rates to potential financial regulation.

6/13 9:30AM10:45AM

FIN1911. Steps to Powering a Digital Culture and Mindset in the Finance Function

Attila Dobai - Manager of Strategy & Innovation, Avis Budget Group
Anais Lempereur - VP, Finance, Sweetgreen
Kathy Graham - Principal, The HQ Companies, Inc.

Running your company's core operations with the latest and most relevant technology can mean cost savings and additional revenues from digital products, services, and a more loyal and larger customer base.

Attending this session will provide you with many examples and methods to avoid the over 80% digital transformation failure rate.

Three diverse B2B and B2C company CFOs and Strategy/Innovation leaders will provide concrete examples of their successful digital transformations, focusing on the steps that you can use within your own firm. A human capital specialist with hands on digital transformation experience honed in diverse industries will explain ways to engage digital transformation acceptance by your finance talent.

All Session Speakers will share how they used the powering of their digital culture/mindset at the same time to build and develop their finance talent, which helps ensure retention in this low unemployment environment.

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn why instilling a digital culture is key to an effective digital transformation.
2) Learn how to create that digital culture within your organization and department, with the critical steps to success clearly delineated.
3) Understand the skills assessments, training, responsibility realignments, and technology possibilities useful to creating a more agile environment where your finance talent delivers increased impactful insights and faster results.

6/13 9:30AM10:45AM

FIN1912. AI 101: How to Have More Meaningful Conversation Within the Business

Ed Cannon - President, New Madison Ave

AI 101: How to have more meaningful conversation within the business, addresses how financial professionals can use AI in the finance function as well as understand how it can be used in other aspects of the business and how to evaluate the merits of this new technology. With AI being new, financial professionals will be faced with making investment decisions regarding AI. Today, AI uses cases, benefits, risks and investment is all in their infancy. To help make the right investment decisions, finance professionals need a greater insight to the AI Art of the Possible and how it can be used to drive top line growth or reduce the cost structure.

Learning Objectives:
1) Understand how AI is being applied today across the organization, as well as in finance, so that opportunities can be identified either to increase revenues or decrease costs or both.
2) Address the investment needed to enter AI, how to minimize risk and most importantly how to capture value.

6/13 11:15AM12:05PM

FIN1913. The Evolution of Accounting and Finance to Add Value, TODAY.

Nigel Franklyn - Vice President, Financial Reporting, The Prudential Insurance Company of America

Globally, technology is disrupting the way business is done. As business models and strategies evolve how the accounting and finance function adds value will be redefined. The speed of change, the complexity and volatility of businesses stretch the current competencies of our profession. Where we not focus primarily on the compliance aspects of our reporting, the need to provide insightful information to assist in management’s “agile” decision making. This session is designed to engage the speaker and participants in a dialog about the changing mandate of the accounting and finance in this “digital age” and leverages the presenter’s global experience to improve organization effectiveness through the key lenses of people processes and systems, TODAY.

Learning Objectives:
1) Highlight how technology is changing business landscape
2) Explore the evolving accounting and finance mandate
3) Discuss practical examples of the discussion themes into action

6/13 11:15AM12:05PM

FIN1914. Adapt Standard Accounting Systems to Enhance Your Business Transformation

Jim de Vries - Founder, Managing Partner, Enhance International Group

Over the past 100 years, Business Transformations have taken on many different shapes and forms. We will review the strengths and weaknesses of major types of business transformations: Organization Rightsizing; Product/Territory Strategy Growth; Business Intelligence; Action Balanced Scorecards; Hoshin Kanri; Operational Excellence and Scaled Agile Framework. The positive synergies of these approaches provide demonstrated culture adoption leading to sustained financial growth. In closing, best practices in financial benefits tracking will be shared.

Learning Objectives:
1) What are the pros and cons of different Business Transformation Deployment Models
2) How to create sustainable improvements by linking Culture, Business Transformation, and Finance/Accounting

6/13 1:15PM2:30PM

FIN1915. Is your Economic Moat Running Dry? Defending Yourself in the Age of Disruption

Attila Dobai - Manager of Strategy & Innovation, Avis Budget Group

In prior decades our businesses have been able to depend on an economic moat for defense of our profit formulas. The age of disruption has proven that no business is safe. Near monopolies and oligopolies have been or will be disrupted.

In this talk, Attila Dobai will cover the concepts of the economic moat, disruptive strategy and innovation, and the Continuous Business Transformation Roadmap to help you understand why your economic moat is running dry and what you can do to keep your business safe in these challenging times.

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn why our economic moats are running dry
2) Learn how to refill your economic moat: driving a culture of innovation
3) Learn about the Continuous Business Transformation Roadmap

6/13 2:45PM4:00PM

FIN1916. Data Visualisation and the Art of Storytelling the Business Performance

Joan Rockey - Principal and CFO, CastleArk Management LLC

Storytelling is the powerful analytical tool fueled by data. However data are just numbers until you use them in an influential way to communicate a story visually. 65% of the population are visual learners and human beings absorb information 60 times faster with visuals. Business leaders and their staff therefore need to turn their financial data into effective visualizations to produce operational action items which will positively impact an organization.

Learning objectives:
1) What does it mean to tell a story with data visualization?
2) How does that story drive business performance?