Sessions | ENGAGE 2020

Monday, June 10 2019

6/10 8:00AM8:50AM

ENG19K001. The View from the IRS

Charles P. Rettig - Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service

Join Charles Rettig as he discusses his opening months as IRS Commissioner. He will touch on:
- His top priorities
- The impact of TCJA
- IRS Modernization efforts
- How AICPA members can work with the IRS to help improve the nation’s tax system

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn the current issues of the IRS so you can better serve clients
2) Learn the intricacies of the relationship between the IRS and the accounting profession

6/10 9:00AM12:00PM

ENG19101. Best Practices in Firm Management: People, Processes, Clients and Finance (PST, FMA)

Ann White - Regional Human Resources Manager, BDO USA LLP
Roman H. Kepczyk - Director of Firm Technology Strategy, Right Networks
Bill Pirolli - Partner, DiSanto Priest & Co

Join us for this deep dive pre-conference session into the three pillars of Firm Management; People, Processes, and Clients. This session will include presentations from firm practice management leaders as well as round table discussions with your peers. Bring your firm’s challenges and opportunities to share with the group. PEOPLE: Ann White will discuss current trends in recruitment, retention and training of staff as our profession faces increasing people challenges. Ann will lay out the business case reiterating the need to foster a strong culture and for creating a dynamic learning environment that leads to increased client satisfaction and firm profitability! You won’t want to miss the best practice exchange and lessons learned. PROCESSES: Roman Kepczyk will discuss the latest trends in tax, assurance and administrative production optimization within today’s Digital CPA firm along with the corresponding IT applications and hardware recommendations. Roman will back these recommendations with the findings from the 2019 CPAFMA Digitally Driven Firm Benchmark Survey highlighting the technologies and tends being utilized in medium and larger CPA firms as well as possible disrupters. CLIENTS: Bill Pirolli will discuss all aspects of client engagement, including the selection process, evolution of the client service model, creating industry and service verticals, handilng billing and collections, and knowing when it is time to let clients go. Learning objectives: 1) Learn best practices in Firm Management 2) Discover how you can create a future ready profitable firm

6/10 9:00AM12:00PM

PST19101. Blockchain

Jagruti Solanki - Partner, Technology & Blockchain, Aprio

Just when you think the hype of blockchain and cryptos can't get any further inflated, you come across another article speculating the technology's disruption of EVERYTHING. The truth of the matter is, the disruption has already started in many industries, leaving many CPAs unprepared to consult and educate their clients. This interactive workshop will build upon your foundational knowledge of blockchain technology with exercises designed to illustrate why blockchain is so incredibly impactful and how your firm can prepare for, while keeping your client ahead of, blockchain's wave of disruption. Learning objectives: 1) Understand how blockchain supports the tokenization and digital assets 2) Explore industries already leveraging blockchain and cryptoassets to improve accountability and transparency 3) Conceptualize how your clients will be impacted and how to prepare them 4) Learn key considerations and best practices for firms working with blockchain and cryptoasset clients

6/10 9:00AM12:00PM

PST19102. How to Build a Cybersecurity Advisory Practice

In this session, the attendee will learn how to monetize their practice from a cybersecurity perspective. The presenters will share best practices in this space, including how to identify and offer cyber advisory and attest services. Both presenters have years of experience in this space, providing these types of services to their clients. Learning objectives: 1) Obtain knowledge on how to monetize cybersecurity services in the CPA firm 2) Obtain best practices on selecting which cybersecurity services to offer

6/10 1:30PM2:45PM

ENG19K01. The Fat Tail: The Power of Political Knowledge for Strategic Investing

Ian Bremmer - President & Founder, Eurasia Group and GZERO Media

The fallout from the still-unfolding global financial crisis provides several perfect examples of "fat tail" risk, those that flow from the low-probability, high-impact events that generate upheaval more often than we think. Bremmer shares with audiences how an understanding of the political dynamics generated by the financial crisis helps us forecast market risks, why politics matter more than ever for market performance, why the world's wealthiest countries have begun to behave like emerging market states, and what all this means for investors and companies.

At this presentation audiences will learn:
1) The risks that flow from low-probability, high-impact the global financial crisis
2) Why politics matter more for the performance of markets and for issues ranging from defaults to nationalization to regulatory reforms
3) Why developed states are behaving more like emerging markets
4) The shift from New York, Shanghai, and Mumbai to Washington, Beijing, and Delhi—and the risks that this trend creates

6/10 3:05PM3:30PM

ENG19PV01. Data Analytics Learning Program

Ashley Matthews - Senior Technical Manager - Professional Development, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

With the deluge of data being collected by organizations and the desire to unlock meaningful business insights, data analytics is not just a trending topic, it is a critical skillset for success in today's business environment. To get the most out of data sources, enterprises need to have a team(s) with strong analytical skills to successfully unlock hidden organizational value. Given the shortage of talent to meet this growing demand, there is vast opportunity for accounting and finance professionals to expand their existing analytical skills to meet this need.

Join this session to learn about the AICPA's Data Analytics Learning Program

6/10 3:05PM3:30PM

ENG19TZ01. Future-Proofing Your Clients for Success – Accounting for Growing Companies (PST, PFP)

John Silvani - President & CEO, Gravity Software

Gravity Software is positioned for clients that have outgrown entry level systems like QuickBooks. Participants will learn how to meet the needs and bring more efficiencies to their clients with a cloud based accounting system developed specifically for growing companies. Topics include working with multiple companies, managing revenue recognition and contract billing situations. Accountants working with companies of more than 25 employees should attend to see how they can bring more value to their clients.

6/10 3:45PM4:35PM

ENG19OV01. Association and Startup Accelerator: Investing in Innovation

Kacee Johnson - Strategic Advisor,
Blaine Bertsch - Co-Founder and CEO, Dryrun
Mark Brooks - Associate Director, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
Judie McCarthy - Co-Founder, Client Hub
Jotham Ty - Founder and CEO, Gappify

The Association (unified voice of AICPA & CIMA) and launched a shark-tank style startup accelerator two years ago with a focus on FinTech and EdTech. Its purpose is to foster innovation in the profession and provide members, the Association, and more visibility into disruptive trends and emerging technologies. In this session, you will hear from the 2019 cohort – 3 startup companies that have a leading role in client workspace solutions, cash flow management and accounting task automation.

During this session you will:
1) Discover trends in FinTech that are impacting the profession and your role
2) Hear from the front lines of disruption
3) Learn about the 3 startups that are members of the second cohort of the Association and Startup Accelerator -
4) Get inspired to rethink how you can leverage financial and educational technology.

6/10 4:50PM6:05PM

PST19103. PCPS Roundtables

For small firm owners and sole practitioners, this roundtable is the perfect opportunity to share insights about fundamental issues concerning all small firms. Develop your own network of public accounting colleagues, who are ready to offer professional support and advice. Upon completing this session, you will: • Have a better understanding of practice management issues firms are facing and will have suggestions on how to tackle some of those issues

6/10 4:50PM6:05PM

PST19104. Stacking the Deck for a Successful CAS Practice

Dixie McCurley - Co-founder & President, Trusted CFO Solutions
Janeen Stodulski - Partner - CAS Leader, MNP LLP

The accounting profession is refocusing on accounting services and redefining their offering. Today CAS stands for client accounting advisory services, and employs a tech stack that creates scalability, and a level playing field for firms of all sizes offering high value advisory engagements. Join this session to gain ideas to deliver future ready client accounting advisory services. Learning objectives: 1) Introduction to what it takes to effectively tool CAS 2) Discover key decision factors you need to focus on 3) Hear why cloud technology is foundational to today’s services

6/10 6:15PM6:40PM

ENG19TZ02. Experience AccountantHQ: How Your Client Data Can Provide Valuable Business Insights & Increase Productivity

Sara Eaton - Sr. Sales Engineer, Paychex

Attend this demonstration and explore first-hand how Paychex AccountantHQ helps drive greater efficiency by putting accountants in the best position possible. This comprehensive online dashboard provides easy access to critical client payroll and HR data, customer service contacts, powerful reporting tools, an extensive resource library, and more! Join us to learn more about how we elevated our partnership with the accounting community to an even higher level with AccountantHQ. Don’t miss out--experience the difference!

6/10 6:45PM7:10PM

ENG19TZ03. Lease Accounting Software - What You Need to Know

Andrew McCown - Sr. Manager of Technical Accounting, Lease Query

Lease Query will demonstrate how choosing the right software makes it easy to comply with the new lease accounting standards. During this session we will highlight: Amortization Schedules, Reporting Capabilities, Administrative Alerts/Tasks, and Journal Entries - Modifications/Impairments.

Tuesday, June 11 2019

6/11 6:30AM6:55AM

ENG19VCC2. Are You Guiding Your Clients Towards a Bright Future? Position Yourself as a Valued Retirement Adviser

Matthew Brock - District Sales Manager, Paychex

Advising your clients on their plans for retirement is more than just setting aside money in an IRA. Find out how to guide them through the important conversations about retirement plans including unique ways to save on taxes, attracting and retaining quality talent, and meeting fiduciary requirements. As your business clients’ most trusted advisor, you are well positioned to help guide them toward a dignified retirement.

Join our session to uncover critical retirement strategies and opportunities to further assist your clients in achieving their financial goals.
1) Review current state of retirement readiness and the regulatory environment
2) Compare features and options to maximize savings potential
3)Highlight the exclusive benefits provided by the AICPA to help you and your clients prepare for retirement security

6/11 7:00AM7:50AM

PST19ER01. Technology Impacting Firms Today Town Hall

Brian Thomas - Partner, Weaver
David Kovar - Management Consulting Leader, Abaci LLC
Thomas Patterson - Senior Director, NTT Data Services, Inc.
Kristen Hughes - Associate Director, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

Our panel of technology experts will discuss and answer your questions about the impact of technology on firms today. Topics for discussion include: Secure Document Sharing Apps, Remote Collaboration Apps, Document Scanning & File Management Apps, Multi-Factor Authentication, VPN apps and Hardware Security Module (HSM) enabled devices, Secure cloud hosting of office management systems, Digital Assistants - Technologies that Firms and CPA Professionals Need to Understand, Data Analytics Tools, Open Source Hyper-ledger Fabric Blockchain Tools, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) systems, Dynamic Automation (robotic process automation), Automated Asset Discovery, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices. Join this session to: 1) Discover technologies that firms and CPA professionals need to understand in order to enhance productivity and efficiency of firm operations

6/11 7:00AM7:50AM

PFP19SS03. Key Challenges and Solutions to Achieve Financial Wellness – Presented by Prudential

Julie Brandon - VP, Head of Financial Wellness Distribution, Prudential

1) Expert insight into the financial challenges impacting American consumers today including student loan debt, retirement, insurance concerns, etc.
2) Understanding financial wellness and its impact
3) Solutions to help address the most pressing financial challenges

1) Understand the financial challenges individuals are facing today
2) Learn about solutions that can help address the most pressing financial challenges facing American consumers
3) Identify ways to help empower individuals to synthesize and reflect on one’s own financial profile and develop a personalized financial roadmap

6/11 8:00AM9:15AM

PST1901. Practitioners Kickoff

Erik Asgeirsson - President & CEO,

The accounting profession continues to evolve and Engage is helping firms transform their practice for the future. In this session Mark Koziel and Erik Asgeirsson will pull from their vast experience interacting with the Association’s 40,000 plus firms and the profession’s technology influencers - on how services are changing and the opportunities that lie ahead. In this session you will learn: 1) Current changes that are driving growth and opportunity in the traditional services of audit, tax and accounting services 2) How small, medium and large firms can each adapt to a new way of doing things 3) Current tools available to all firms in transforming their firm services 4) How to leverage the Engage conference to build out these changing services 5) Examples of firms that have already transformed for the future You’ll leave this session excited and energized about the opportunities that lie ahead for firms of all sizes.

6/11 8:00AM9:15AM

PST1902. Tech Update: Today's Biggest Trends, Solutions, and Opportunities

Randy Johnston - CEO/Exec VP, NMGI/K2 Enterprises

What to do? What to buy? What to watch for? What to avoid? Get your answers in Tech update where you will learn about who offers reliable solutions and what is changing the market. Specific topics included in this session are: technology trends, recommended hardware specifications, applications and licensing, and security. This session provides concentrated exposure to technology that may reveal ideas, trends, and options that you had not discovered through your normal channels.

Learning objectives:
1) Describe an optimum computer configuration for an accounting professional
2) Identify a new Microsoft product that covers licensing for desktop operating systems
and Office
3) Specify a business case data compliance
4) List three protection tools to use while connected to the Internet

6/11 9:30AM10:20AM

PST1903. KPI / KRI Technologies

David Kovar - Management Consulting Leader, Abaci LLC

Identifying the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is critical to you and your company’s success. When determining KPIs, many people make the mistake of putting together a list of everything that they can or are measuring. Figuring out your KPIs is really a matter of figuring out what your business objectives are, how to measure them and how to drill into each measurement to understand the underlying data.

This session will discuss:
1) How to determine good Key Performance Indicators
2) Understanding the concept of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
3) Understanding an approach to determining good Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

6/11 9:30AM10:20AM

PST1904. The Dark Web: Do you Know Who's Watching

Chip Witt - Head of Product Strategy, SpyCloud

Cyber criminals are constantly upgrading their technology to perform more sophisticated, widespread attacks. Preventing breaches and account takeover begins with understanding how criminals operate. This presentation will guide guests through the criminal’s timeline and methods, as well as explain why existing prevention products aren’t providing the protection organizations think. More interestingly, we will demonstrate how this same data can be used to find criminals true identities! Learn how law enforcement hunts threat actors and how their tactics can be applied to corporate protection.

Learning objectives:
1) Understand the linkage between data exposed in third-party breaches and the perpetration of fraud by criminals
2) Gain insight into what works, and more importantly, what doesn't work and why in the mitigation of breaches and account takeover threat
3) Learn how to turn the tables on criminals by leveraging the breadcrumbs they leave behind in third-party breaches to feed investigations

6/11 9:30AM10:20AM

PST1905. Meeting Client Sales & Use Tax Needs in the Wake of Wayfair

Marianne Fisher - Product Marketing Manager,
Craig Cookle - Partner, Wipfli LLP
Chris Gallo - SALT Manager, BerganKDV

The Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair has changed the landscape around sales & use tax (SUT), determining that states can broadly require online retailers collect sales tax even if they lack a physical presence in the state. States are responding with new regulations impacting businesses that sell remotely.

In this session, we will:

1) Discuss how you can help clients respond to these changes
2) Explore different business models and the types of SUT services that we are seeing in firms today
3) Learn how you can leverage technology within different business models to streamline SUT processes in your firm and meet client needs

6/11 9:30AM10:20AM

ENG1906. How to Say Anything to Anyone - for Leaders and Managers (PST, EDG, FMA)

Shari Harley - President, Founder, Candid Culture, Inc.

You have a request for one of your co-workers but don’t know how to say it, so you don’t say anything. A project you worked on for six months has become a black hole. There is no information about the status. You’re frustrated, but you don’t say anything. Two employees aren’t working well together. It’s impacting the atmosphere in the office. You don’t know what to say, so you don’t say anything. Speaking up when we are frustrated is hard and, as a result, most of us don’t. Instead, either we tell other people (aka gossip) or we say nothing, and relationships become strained. You can say anything to anyone and have it be easy. You just need to lay the ground work to do so, and most of us don’t. Learning Objectives: 1) Build trust in all of your business relationships, making it easier to say hard things. 2) Find out what the people you work with need from you, so you don’t have to guess. 3) Tell others what you need, making it more likely that your needs are met.

6/11 10:35AM11:00AM

ENG19EL01.3. The Power of Data to Strengthen Your Audit Practice, presented by Wolters Kluwer (PST, NAA)

Cathy Rowe - Director, Product Management Accounting & Audit, Wolters Kluwer

Performing audit analytics and collaborating with the client are steps every auditor does in every audit. With that said, most auditors would benefit from honing those skills. What with current audit quality initiatives, coupled with increased fee pressures, auditors are looking for new and innovative ways to drive results, strengthen relationships and create opportunities. This session will put you on the right track for that success.

During this session we will discuss top trends impacting the profession; how those trends directly affect your audit; and ways data analysis can help you drive your desired outcomes. Attendees will leave this session with clear ways to hone their data analytics skills.

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn how to leverage data more effectively throughout your audit
2) Identify value-added services your firm gains by leveraging that data

6/11 10:35AM11:00AM

ENG19EL02.3. Selling Your Brain: Creating Access-Level Agreements

Ed Kless - Meta-Consultant, Sage Accountants Solutions

This session is dedicated to the possibility that a professional firm will be more effective for its customers if it begins to sell not hours or service, but access to the brains of the professionals. Creating access level agreements is hard work and not for everyone because it require professional to think differently than they have in the past about what it is they really do and sell. If you think you have what it takes to make this shift or are just curious about it, you are hereby invited to open a dialogue about how best to alter this language by Ed Kless, Sage’s senior director of partner development and strategy, who will facilitate this session.

Learning objectives:
1) Understand the difference between time as effort vs time as duration and which is important to customers
2) Walk away with a framework for creating an agreement for your customers

6/11 10:35AM11:00AM

ENG19TZ04. Accounting in Action - A Xero Demo

Liz Mason - Owner/CEO, High Rock Accounting

Meet Mission Possible, a company that recreates movies. Let’s go behind the scenes of this extraordinary business and check out their inspired accounting. Join us as we demo the Xero software and features and learn how you can bring exciting accounting to your clients.

Learning objectives:
1) Understand modern features that deliver core workflow efficiency
2) See how the shared ledger makes client communication easier
3) Learn how the end-to-end platform creates overall practice efficiency and cost savings

6/11 10:35AM11:00AM

ENG19SC01. Sponsor Chat Lobby: Abacus Next

Phillip S. Phares - Director of Education, Abacus Next

Join Abacus Next team members in a text chat discussion about services and products that may be of interest to you.  They will also be able to address any questions that you may have.  (Not eligible for CPE).

6/11 11:20AM12:10PM

ENG1909. Uncovering Unconscious Bias (EDG, PST, AAM)

Lindsay Stevenson - Vice President - Finance, 1st Financial Bank USA
Rebekah Brown - Director of Development, MACPA/BLI

Is unconscious bias hindering you, your team or your organization? Unconscious bias is bias that happens automatically. It is triggered by our brain making quick judgments and assessments of people and situations based on our background, cultural environment and personal experiences. Have you ever arrived home from work and don’t remember the drive at all? Or perhaps you moved, but drove to the old house on your way home. Once neural pathways are formed, like your daily commute, they become almost automatic. We don’t spend time thinking about each turn on the way home, our body just does it. While this can be helpful for remembering your route home, it can be detrimental in other areas of our lives. In this session we will explore these biases, how they might be hurting, us, our team and our organization and what we can do to create new neural pathways and combat unconscious bias. Learning Objectives: 1) Define unconscious bias Identify the unconscious biases that might be driving you 2) Create an action plan to combat the unconscious biases in you, your team and your organization

6/11 11:20AM12:10PM

ENG1910. GDPR - An Increase in North America Privacy - Are you in Compliance? (PST, AAM)

Thomas Patterson - Senior Director, NTT Data Services, Inc.

The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is causing many U.S. businesses and organizations to take a hard look at data and information collected from customers and others who are citizens of or persons who reside within the EU member states. This new law recognizes the rights of EU citizens as the legal owners of 'personally identifiable' data and information that uniquely identifies each EU citizen or resident. This session will provide attendees with an increased appreciation of this new regulation and its requirements on US organizations and compare the regulation to the recently enacted state of California Consumer Privacy Act.

The session will provide attendees with:
1) An understanding and appreciation of the European Union's GDPR, and its potential impact on organizations providing products and services to EU citizens and residents
2) Information on the types of services licensed CPAs can provide to clients, share insights on questions clients may ask attendees
3) Steps practitioners can perform to help clients ensure they are complying with the law and that help organization's provide assurances regarding their data privacy practices and controls

6/11 11:20AM12:10PM

PST1906. Most Profitable Niches and How to Build One

Allan Koltin - CEO, Koltin Consulting Group

This session will discuss how to build and grow a profitable niche within your firm. As part of the presentation Mr. Koltin will discuss the following:
• How to identify the right champion to lead the practice.
• How to determine what core competencies are necessary for a successful practice.
• How to develop a standard process for performing the work.
• How to recruit, retain and grow talent within the niche.
• How to price your services within the niche.
• How to market and grow the consulting niche.
• How to leverage the niche within the greater accounting firm.

Mr. Koltin will draw on real world experiences, as well as share success stories of other firms around the country that have built success industry and service-line niches.

Learning objectives will include:
1) How to build a successful niche practice
2) How to ensure that your niche practice is profitable

6/11 11:20AM12:10PM

PST1907. The Mobile CPA: What's in My Bag

Marc Staut - Principal & Consultant, Boomer Consulting, Inc

What are the latest tools and technologies available to make the life of a road warrior a little easier? In this session, we will take a closer look at the mobile technologies supporting and empowering remote employees to work smarter.

Learning objectives:
1) Learn about practical technology you can deploy today
2) Look at what technologies are coming soon that may impact your technology strategy

6/11 11:20AM12:10PM

PST1908. Evolution of Compliance and Advisory Services for the Future Ready Firm

Erik Asgeirsson - President & CEO,

The future of accounting is not just about advisory services, it is the evolution of compliance and advisory that will build a future ready practice. This session will focus on ways technology is enabling accounting professionals to provide the service they want. The trusted business advisor is delivering trusted information through high quality compliance work, and high value insights through advisory services.

Learning objectives:
1) Review how compliance engagements are transforming through the advancement of technology
2) Discuss how advisory and compliance engagements co-exist

6/11 12:25PM1:15PM

PST19NL02. How do I Stay Up to Date In Our Industry?

With standards and regulations changing rapidly, how does the Practitioner stay current - especially when you are in a small office? We will share how firms of all sizes can be sure they are aware of the changes and how to find resources to stay relevant in an ever-changing environment of rules and regulation. This will be an opportunity for everyone to share their best practices. Learning objectives: 1) Provide an understanding of where to gather information on current and future regulation changes 2) Share how firms of all sizes accomplish gathering an understanding and provide training to their staff

6/11 12:25PM1:15PM

PST19NL01. Data Loss Prevention Best Practices

As federal and state governments add new governance laws and regulatory requirements, many firms and their clients are struggling to effectively manage their data responsibilities. Office 365 users have access to tools like data loss prevention settings and information rights management, yet few know how to use them. This session will cover some practical best practices to help you meet your compliance requirements and to make your data more secure including: a) Key terms, processes, and tools associated with Data Loss Prevention; b) Data governance legislation and requirements; and c) Tools available in suites like Office 365 and GSuite, as well as outside applications that can help you better manage and control your risks. Upon completing this session, attendees should be able to perform the following tasks: 1) Define key terms like information rights management (IRM), group policy management, mobile device management, unified threat management systems, intrusion detection systems, and firewalls 2) List at least two critical compliance laws which may apply to a firm and its clients, even though the firm may not have physical operations in the regulator’s jurisdiction 3) List the three areas where data needs protection – data in transit over a network, data at rest on a device, and data in use by an application – and give examples of a few approaches used to mitigate the related risks

6/11 1:25PM2:40PM

PST1911. AI of the Future

Robin Grosset - Chief Technology Officer, MindBridge

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to disrupt many professions and the future of auditing and accounting will certainly involve AI. In this session, we will look at the factors which are bringing about this disruption. We will also explore the importance of explicability and a human-centric approach in AI technology to support improving professional judgement.

Learning objectives:
1) Gain a business level understanding of AI technology and the current growth in the use of AI in professional circumstances
2) Develop an understanding the benefits of leveraging AI and also the potential pitfalls which should be avoided

6/11 1:25PM2:40PM

PST1912. Small Firm Technology

Randy Johnston - CEO/Exec VP, NMGI/K2 Enterprises

What strategies can help your firm today and tomorrow? What technologies can support those strategies? The latest audit and tax technologies – in addition to niche areas such as collaborative accounting, payroll, and SALT – are covered in this session. You will also learn about supporting technologies such as practice management, document management, workflow, portals, eSignature, and email encryption. Come with your questions and expect to get insights on technologies that make public practice accounting better!

Learning objectives:
1) List three applications required for running a public practice firm
2) Differentiate between cloud opportunities
3) Identify niche opportunities for your practice
4) List examples of technologies that reduce firm risk

6/11 1:25PM2:40PM

PST1913. Managing Risk in Advisory Service Lines

Deborah Rood - Risk Control Consulting Director, CNA
Stan Sterna - Vice President, Aon

Offering profitable, high volume advisory services today has its own set of risks.

In this session we will:
1) Review language to use or avoid in engagement letters
2) Address liability when using 3rd party cloud solutions
3) Discuss how to use cloud and maintain independence

6/11 1:25PM2:40PM

PST1909. Attracting and Developing Non-Accounting Professionals

Sandra Wiley - President, Boomer Consulting,Inc.

In firms today we are hiring more non-accounting professionals than we ever have in the past. It may feel uncomfortable right now, but in a short time and with a little more experience hiring a variety of new talent professional in your firm will be a "snap"! In the session we will discuss the various positions you will be recruiting, how you can attract those pieces of the puzzle and how you can develop talent both in the firm and outside the firm.

Learning objectives:
1. We will identify a matrix of various new positions that will become normalized in our firms in the near future
2) Leave the session with resources for finding, attracting and hiring new talent that will set you apart from the competition

6/11 1:25PM2:40PM

PST1910. M & A Trends and 5 Key Variables to Value an Accounting Firm

Joel Sinkin - President, Transition Advisors LLC

Is it a buyer or seller’s marketplace? What are the latest M & A trends? What are the most utilized deal structures? How can you retain reasonable control, income and autonomy while creating a succession plan? When selling to an external buyer, how do you value an accounting firm in 2019? When selling to your partner (s), how do you value your firm in 2019? What are the keys to client retention post-closing a merger or acquisition? If you are considering selling your firm to an eternal buyer or internally or interested in growing by acquisition, this session is for you!

In this session we will learn about the general M & A trends we are seeing in 2019 and likely in the future including:
1) What are the alternative deals structures you should consider
2) What are the 5 main variables that determine how to value an accounting firm in an external sale
3) What values are firms placing on partners buying out partners
4) What are the 4 important messages to send client to help maximize client retention post-closing a merger or acquisition

6/11 2:55PM3:20PM

ENG19PV05. Go Beyond Disruption Learning Programs presented by the AICPA (NAAATS, PST)

Amanda Black - Associate Director - Professional Development, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
Penelope Johnson - Senior Manager – Technology Portfolio Strategy and Management, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

Technology will forever change the way accounting and finance is done. And forever change those who do it. Blockchain, cybersecurity, robotic process automation (RPA), and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the profession. It’s time to reset, redefine and reskill. Join us to learn about trends affecting the accounting and finance profession and the technology learning programs the AICPA has developed to help you stay one step ahead!

6/11 2:55PM3:20PM

ENG19TZ05. How Future Focused Firms can uncover new efficiencies with Office and Practice Management virtualization (FMA, PST)

Phillip S. Phares - Director of Education, Abacus Next

OfficeTools provides a suite of tools to help Firms find that next gear in productivity, by reducing multiple data tracking applications into a single Practice Management solution, new efficiencies and workflow processes can easily be uncovered and put into action. The days of multi-point and multi-solution data interaction is over, internally integrated applications are the future and OfficeTools provides the most complete virtual Firm Management solution available.

6/11 3:40PM4:30PM

ENG1913. Blockchain, Part 1: The ABCs of Digital Disruption: B is for Blockchain (PST, NAA)

Kacee Johnson - Strategic Advisor,

Blockchain is regularly viewed as one of the emerging technologies that will cause disruption within the accounting profession. It’s potential to change the way the world does business is real, but a clear understanding of exactly what blockchain is, has not been established mainstream. This session will present a brief overview of the history, function and benefits of blockchain technology. We will then explore the current state of blockchain technology, practical application, and how this innovation may impact the development and function of the accounting profession. Finally, we will identify some of the new ways that accounting firms will be building advisory services around the emerging trend.

Learning Objectives:
1) Recall the definition, origin and functions of blockchain technology
2) Identify the benefits and regulatory implications
3) Evaluate accounting functions that are or will be leveraging blockchain technology, now and in the future
4) Explore the opportunities in new advisory services for firms around blockchain

6/11 3:40PM4:30PM

ENG1914. New to Practice Management – Here’s a Cheat Sheet of Tools (FMA, PST)

You’re a great client service accountant and now you’ve been asked to run your firm. Don’t worry there are many tools already available and no reason for you to recreate the wheel in regard to managing your firm! This session will provide a brief over view of the different aspects of running a practice and provide an overview of tools already available in the Firm in Motion toolkit for designing pay for performance bonus plans, creating partner succession plans, legal and risk management, employee engagement, firm IT issues, space planning transitions etc. Learning objectives: 1) Obtain an overview of some of the many aspects of managing an accounting firm 2) Become aware of firm management tools already available that can be customized to your firm and culture 3) Increase awareness of risks to your firm and resources and partners available to address them

6/11 3:40PM4:30PM

PST1915. Managed Services Panel: Tips, Pitfalls, and Best Practices From the Field

Will Yapp - VP Sales & Marketing, Right Networks

Information technology has always been a challenge in accounting firms and is often an afterthought instead of the strategic capability needed to support a modern practice. Instead of running their own internal IT team with on-premises hardware and software, many firms are contracting with managed service providers to recommend, manage, and install on premises hardware, and some are moving to full hosting companies where the host provides full IT capabilities to a firm for a monthly per-user fee. This panel will discuss factors to evaluate when considering moving to a managed service provider. Panelists will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy and will provide insights from their past experiences. Major topics that will be covered include: a) learning the difference between on-premises, managed services, and hosting; b) discussing some of the benefits and pitfalls associated with each approach; and c) gaining insight into managing the risks associated with each approach. Upon completing this session, attendees should be able to perform the following tasks: 1) Define key terms such as managed services, hosting, service level agreement (SLA), hybrid cloud, remote management, and virtual desktop infrastructure 2) Identify some of the key risks associated with four different IT approaches – on-premises, managed services, hybrid, and hosted 3) Explain at least three important factors to consider when evaluating a new IT strategy, such as SLA, guaranteed response time, contract cancellation penalties, security risks, and exit strategies

6/11 3:40PM4:30PM

PST1916. Partner Succession: Planning a 3 Year Approach to Retirement

Jeremy Clopton - Director, Upstream Academy

I’m sure by now we all know that succession planning is more than choosing a likely candidate. But some firms are still treating the retirement of their top leaders as individual events. There’s a better way. Join Jeremy as he discusses how to create a more comprehensive succession plan that helps retain your best employees, ensures valued clients don’t walk out the door with retiring partners, and prepares the next generation of firm leaders.

After attending this session, participants will:
1) Have a better understanding of the policies, processes and key documents needed to create a successful firm succession planning process

6/11 3:40PM4:30PM

PST1914. Rise of the Robo Accountant

Marc Staut - Principal & Consultant, Boomer Consulting, Inc

Join us for a new and updated session on Rise of the Robo Accountant. During this session, we will first build a foundation by defining the disruptive automated technologies like AI, Algorithms, Super Intelligent Systems, and Machine Learning that are set to impact the industry. We will then explore how those technologies are being used today, what's available now, and not only will we discuss what this means for the future of the industry but also what steps can be taken today to better prepare firms for the future.

Learning objectives:
1) What are these technologies and how are they being used today?
2) When will they hit the mainstream?
3) What does the future scape look like for the industry?
4) What should you being doing to prepare?

6/11 4:45PM6:00PM

ENG1917. Communicating Value and Pricing to Clients (PST, AAM)

Michelle Golden River - President, Fore LLC

Experience The Power of Pricing in Advance. In this practical, information-packed session, unpack three big concepts within Michelle's Advanced Pricing Methodology(SM). Learn the rationale behind each, then discover multiple ways to leverage the power of pricing to improve growth, elevate your worth, and deepen customer loyalty. Key Concepts: • Why & How to Provide Certainty in Price • Ways to Better Understand the Customer • Customer-Centric Positioning for Max Effectiveness. Attend this session and gain competitive advantage: 1) Explore the psychological and financial benefits when you provide tiered, 3-option pricing in advance 2) Learn how to bring more impactful, truly holistic approaches (can you say effective cross-selling?) without being pushy 3) Discover how to break out of the “just a vendor” role to be a true business-advisor role from day 1 of a client relationship

6/11 4:45PM6:00PM

ENG1900. From Passion to Profession: How LPGA golfer Cristie Kerr turned her love of wine into Kerr Cellars - Presented by Chase Ink®

Cristie Kerr

In this exclusive women’s wine tasting and networking event, presented by Chase Ink®, world-renowned LPGA golfer, Cristie Kerr, will take us through her journey of turning her passion for wine into a successful business with the creation of Kerr Cellars, which launched in 2013.

In the first portion of the session, we will get to know Cristie as she shares her business and personal tips for success in a conversation with Megan Chandler, Executive Director of Marketing at Chase Ink. Following, Cristie will then lead an interactive wine tasting of her own vintages and share more on how to enjoy the finest wines.

Learning Objectives:

1) Insights around winning in business as a female entrepreneur
2) Identifying strength and weaknesses in building a winning team
3) Tips for creating and nurturing a culture of excellence

6/11 4:45PM6:00PM

PST1917. Practical Approaches to Managing Change In Your Firm

Denise Delahanty - Partner, ACCOUNT-ability Plus

Over the course of our careers, there have been many changes impacting CPA firms. Some of those changes were positive and some were negative. Over the past few years we have seem more and more people are writing about the gloom and doom and eventual downfall of the CPA firm. This session builds upon our belief in the tremendous future potential of all CPA’s working in firms. Our potential is limited only by our inability to see it and to grab on to it to facilitate a culture change that reflects what the firm can be. This session discusses the following 5 attributes that a firm must nurture and enhance to successfully manage and drive change in a firm. This session will link these attributes with practical approaches that consider the importance of coordination with the firms, people, process and systems. Those 5 attributes are: 1) Relevance, 2) Quality, 3) Business Mindedness, 4) Empowerment, and 5) Innovation. Learning objectives: 1) Participants will understand the importance of the dynamic of firm culture and its impact on driving change 2) Participants will learn practical approaches to managing and driving positive change in their firm

6/11 4:45PM6:00PM

ENG1916. Blockchain, Part 2: What’s Next (PST, NAA)

Do you understand the impact and opportunity blockchain offers the accounting profession? Are you asking "how" this innovative distributed technology will accomplish disruption and disintermediation of the world's current business models? This session provides blockchain believers and skeptics a deeper dive into the technology as we explore its role in tools, such as Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications, and self-sovereign identity, along with the forthcoming disruption that will accompany these tools. Learning objectives: 1) Receive in introduction to Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications, and Self Sovereign Identity 2) Understand how blockchain is applied in these innovative concepts 3) Gain awareness of when these new tools will impact public accounting

6/11 4:45PM6:00PM

PST1918. Excel for Fraud

Carlton Collins - Editor, ASA Research

In this session, participants will learn several ways to use Excel to help detect and prevent fraud, including working with random numbers, applying Benford’s Law, and cleaning general ledger data so it can be pivoted and analyzed in detail. The goal is to provide CPAs with guidance for testing data for authenticity and reasonableness. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about Excel from this unique and interesting perspective.

Learning objectives:
1) Provide guidance for testing data for authenticity and reasonableness
2) Provide a guideline for using Excel to test data for the potential of Fraud using Benford's Law
3) Provide guidance for preparing a general ledger report for pivoting in Excel
4) Provide guidance in producing random numbers to be used in selecting data for statistical analysis and other data procedures

6/11 4:45PM6:00PM

PST1919. How Ideas Spread: Kickstarting Technological Change within Your Firm

Aaron Berson - Managing Director of VRTL, Gettry Marcus CPA P.C.
David Cardoza - Head of Channel Sales, Expensify
Janeen Stodulski - Partner - CAS Leader, MNP LLP

This session is a crash course on how to introduce beneficial new technology to your coworkers, managers, and leadership. The first step is to identify which manual processes can easily be automated to save time, money, and headaches for your firm – but that’s the easy part. The hard part is finding the perfect tool for your case and then convincing everyone that the change will be worth it. Prepare for push back, prepare for pessimism, but don’t settle for the status quo.

In this session, we will focus on:
1) Pinpointing the manual bottlenecks in your firm’s current workflows and starting the search for the perfect technology to eliminate them
2) Identifying technological “champions” in your firm who will support your case for change, but function as your closest critics when necessary
3) Pitching the benefits of new technology to each person in your firm, depending on who they are and how they’ll benefit

6/11 6:15PM6:40PM


Wednesday, June 12 2019

6/12 6:30AM6:55AM

ENG19VCC3. Stop Overworking Prep, Comp, Review

Tyler Anderson - Manager of Audit Innovation, Accountability Plus

In this chat, we will dig into reasons firms tend to overwork prep, comp and review engagements along with some strategies and technology that can help get your firm delivering high quality financial statement services as efficiently as possible.

• Identify places where you might be overworking engagements
• Identify action steps to take to better balance quality and efficiency in these engagements

6/12 7:00AM7:50AM

ENG19SSK01. BONUS KEYNOTE: Scoring Big in Business - presented by Chase Ink

John Elway - Denver Broncos , General Manager and President of Football Operations

John Elway, Hall of Fame quarterback, General Manager and President of Football Operations for the Denver Broncos and entrepreneur, discusses how managing a football team is similar to running a business – and the secret to succeeding at both.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understanding the “mission critical” role CPAs and Accounting Professionals play in helping business owners make decisions that help their business
2. Tips on leadership, how to build the best team, ways to be more productive, stay inspired and grow your business

6/12 8:00AM9:15AM

ENG19K02. Reimagine

Barry Melancon - President and CEO, American Institute of CPAs CEO, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants , Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
William Reeb - CEO, Succession Institute,LLC

The digital era has brought about a blistering pace of change that’s only getting faster. It’s rapidly resetting consumer expectations and challenging organizations to disrupt themselves to remain relevant. And it’s bringing enormous opportunity for the accounting profession. To lead our clients and employers through these increasingly volatile times, we must open ourselves to new possibilities – reimagining the services and skills we offer to keep the profession vital and relevant well into the future.

You’ll learn:

1) The latest trends reshaping the accounting profession
2) How technology can enable us to enhance quality in existing service areas, and provide opportunity in new service areas our clients and businesses increasingly demand
3) How to evolve our skillsets to remain trusted advisors in an increasingly digital world

6/12 9:15AM9:40AM

ENG19WA01. AICPA & CPA Practice Advisor Top 25 Women in Accounting Awards

6/12 9:40AM10:30AM

ENG19K03. Leading Through Organizational Transformation — A Conversation With Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek - Optimist & Author
6/12 10:45AM11:10AM

ENG19TZ07. Let’s Connect Up! Improve your connection to clients to deliver better services (FMA, NAAATS, PST)

Don Emery - Director, Client Solutions, Doc.It

Many firms have a DMS (document management system), digital tools or workflow software. These tools improve internal productivity but don’t have a direct impact on the client experience with your firm. There’s power in connecting! The ‘Let’s Connect Up!’ tech demo will discuss key tools to consider to keep data safe, improve communications with clients, and save time and money: • Web Portal • PBC Lists • Encrypted Email • eSignature Learn how these tools work, and see how your firm and your clients can benefit from being better connected. When we CONNECT easily and securely with our clients to gather data, obtain approvals and to deliver our finalized reports, client satisfaction increases and loyalty grows.

6/12 10:45AM11:10AM

ENG19SC03. Sponsor Chat Lobby: Paychex

Jessica Battaglia - Human Resources Consultant, Paychex
Margie Bassford - Human Resources Consultant, Paychex

Join Paychex HR Professionals in an online chat, where you can submit questions and stay informed as Paychex responds to inquiries about solutions that help make payroll, HR, benefits, and insurance simple for your clients. (Not eligible for CPE).

6/12 11:30AM12:45PM

PST1922. Technology Budgeting: A New Hierarchy to Reduce Technical Debt and Support Innovation

Technology has changed so why haven’t we changed the way we budget and track our technology dollars? This session will focus on 1) the evolution of technology spending over the past few years 2) an updated model for tracking what matters 3) budgeting for the technology that will make the biggest impact on your firm. Learning objectives: 1) Learn to identify the technical debt that is holding your firm back from innovation 2) Understand how the technology advancements of the last decade have impacted technology expenses 3) Discover the technology investments innovative firms are making

6/12 11:30AM12:45PM

ENG1920. Engaging NextGen Clients (PST, AAM)

Jennifer Wilson - Co-founder and Partner, ConvergenceCoaching,LLC

Engaging NextGen Clients Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest living generation in the US. Young buyers are transforming the way we call a taxi, stay in touch with business colleagues and shop for essentials. And their expectations are driving changes to the traditional CPA firm client engagement and service delivery models. Leave this session with a roadmap for ensuring your firm stays relevant by engaging with the buyers of today and tomorrow! Learning objectives: 1) Understand NextGen buyers, how they are different from traditional clients, and how to best engage them 2) Explore service, relationship and technology expectations of NextGen clients and prospects 3) Learn to proactively engage the successors of your retirement-age clients and your NextGen talent to ensure client continuity 4) Discuss the role of leadership and your talent in building a NextGen-ready firm

6/12 11:30AM12:45PM

PST1920. Enhancing Firm Profitability

Bill Pirolli - Partner, DiSanto Priest & Co

Is your firm as profitable as it could be?

Join Bill Pirolli, CPA in this very popular session as he examines the key attributes of highly profitable firms and discusses how you can increase your bottom line. Bill will take you on a “spin” of the Profit Wheel and discuss how examining market forces, educating your staff, adding client selection filters, watching your scope creep and enforcing accountability can all lead to more profit...with less effort. Other discussion areas will include billing and collection practices and how to create creating client leverage through Trusted Advisor services; all designed to help you run your business…like a business.

Learning objectives:
1) Understand the key drivers of highly profitable firms
2) Discover small changes you can make to help drive profitability in your firm

6/12 11:30AM12:45PM

PST1921. Futuristic Technologies that are Changing our World

Join Dwayne as he shares dozens of amazing advances in technology that are changing the world around us and the way we interact with it. Our lives are being enhanced and influenced by radical immerging technologies. From AI, robotics, human-robotic interaction, mixed reality, quantum computing + encryption, drone taxis, DNA splitting, 3D-printing, and nanomaterials – to name just a few. These exponential technologies are affecting the way we build, create, communicate, distribute, organize, share and travel. Dwayne will touch upon many of these trends, ensuring you are aware of them and so that you can participate in the dialog revolving around them. Learning objectives: 1) Understand the latest non-accounting specific technology trends 2) Visualize the many and diverse disruptive powers influencing your clients’ many diverse industries 3) Identify opportunities to participate in discussions with your clients about the innovative and transformational technologies that are permeating their business models specifically and all of society generally

6/12 11:30AM12:45PM

PST1923. Panel: How Not To Get Fired By Clients

Aaron Berson - Managing Director of VRTL, Gettry Marcus CPA P.C.
Dixie McCurley - Co-founder & President, Trusted CFO Solutions
Christine Triantos - Partner, Anton Collins Mitchell
Jane Willis - VP of Marketing, Accountant Channel,

Of the top three reasons clients fire their accounting firms, cost is only the third item on the list. Research on business leaders shows that clients fire their firms for subjective reasons, but reasons that firms can influence and control. Many firms believe they offer extraordinary client service and provide highly valued advice, but clients are the ultimate judge of these claims.

This session will help attendees:
1) Understand the top reasons clients fire firms
2) Learn how to control the factors that are likely to get firms fired
3) Leverage success in advisory services to drive more business

6/12 12:55PM1:45PM

ENG19NL02. Grow Your Tax Practice With Advisory Services (PST, FMA)

Jim Buffington - Advisory Services Leader, Intuit

Tax Reform presents an OPPORTUNITY to transform your tax preparation practice and increase your value as a trusted advisor for your clients through proactive tax planning and advisory services. Join us for an introduction to advisory services, including proactive tax planning, business coaching, goal setting, updated firm workflows to increase productivity and learn how to position advisory services to better help business clients achieve their goals. Equip yourself with the resources to position your services and grow your practice.

Learning objectives:
1) This course will introduce advisory services, including proactive tax planning, business coaching, goal setting, and updated firm workflows to increase productivity
2) Participants will discover how to position advisory services to help business clients achieve their goals
3) Attendees will also be equipped with resources to position services and potentially grow their practice

6/12 12:55PM1:45PM

ENG19NL03. The Data Door – Getting Your Organization Ready For The Pivot To Data (PST, FMA, EDG)

Jordan Birnbaum - Chief Behavioral Economist, ADP

As the accounting profession continues its transformation in the face of technological evolution, Data & Analytics emerges as a viable new area of subject matter expertise. How your firm learns to leverage big data and benchmarking tools can be the driving force you need to expand advisory services. But saying it is one thing – doing it is quite another. This session will consider how to leverage behavioral economics and I/O Psychology to infuse organizations with skill acquisition, new tools and new practices, enabling the accounting profession to transition to a new era of value creation for clients.

Learning objectives:
1) Develop a general understanding of behavioral economics and how they can be applied to drive a broader consulting mindset
2) Discover how to find and incorporate big data and benchmarking tools
3) Gain a better understanding of compensation benchmark data and how it can be added as a consultative tool
4) Use cases for how big data can be practically applied to advise clients across varying company sizes and verticals

6/12 12:55PM1:45PM

PST19NL05. Supercharging Your Workflow Automation

Liz Mason - Owner/CEO, High Rock Accounting

Your time is precious and you have a lot on your plate, but adding automation to your internal workflow can allow you to concentrate on tasks that create high value. Come check out Xero’s presentation on workflow automation and learn how you could be freeing up your time and your business.

Learning objectives:
1) Understand what elements of your sales, marketing, and engagement process can be automated
2) Identify which parts of your process create value and which require less attention
3) Learn why developing good process comes before adopting good tech

6/12 12:55PM1:45PM

ENG19NL01. Endgame: Preparing Your Firm for Imminent Change (FMA, EDG, PST)

Bastiaan Kniphorst - Vice President Product Management, Tax and Accounting, Research and Learning, Wolters Kluwer
Jim McGinnis - EVP & General Manager, Wolters Kluwer

According to a recent survey, only 25% of accounting firms are extremely confident in their ability to keep up with the pace of change. But the long-predicted changes are already having an impact on the accounting profession. How did these changes occur so quickly, and what can accounting professionals do to keep up? In this 50 minute lunch and learn, we’ll discuss:
• The pace of change: Exponential changes in technology
• The impact of ignoring change
• Innovation: Technologies on the horizon
Attendees will come away from this session with a clear view of what’s ahead and an action plan for coping with change.

Learning Objectives:
1) Understand the impact of exponential change in technology and how it will affect the accounting profession.
2) Identify new technologies now available to accounting firms that will enable firms to adapt to the changing landscape.

6/12 12:55PM1:45PM

PST19NL03. Transform Your Audit Practice with Thomson Reuters and Inflo

Mark Edmondson - President & CEO, Inflo Software
Scott Spradling - Head of Audit & Assurance Product, Thomson Reuters

The pace of technology change, an ever-expanding regulatory environment, and a diminishing workforce are disrupting traditional audit services and how firms access and translate client data. To excel in this increasingly complex environment and drive value for your clients, you need to think strategically and holistically about technology adoption beyond single solutions. It’s time to move from disparate desktop applications and use secure cloud technology to leverage your data asset to drive insights across your client base. Join Mark Edmondson, CEO of Inflo, and Scott Spradling, VP of Audit Products at Thomson Reuters to learn why they have joined forces to help you transform your audit practice.

In this session you will learn:
1) What’s driving unprecedented change in the audit profession and how you’ll be impacted
2) How you can take simple first steps on your audit transformation journey
3) How the Thomson Reuters cloud audit suite combined with Inflo technology will help you simplify audit processes and minimize risk

Pre-registration is required for these lunch sessions – seats are limited.

6/12 12:55PM1:45PM

PST19NL04. Top HR Issues- Are You and Your Clients Prepared?

Tricia McLaurin - HR Business Partner, Paychex Inc.

Human resource issues are among the biggest challenges employers face, and they can quickly become consumed by administrative tasks that take focus away from high-value activities. However, falling short of HR compliance could potentially lead to fines, penalties, or even litigation. This session will review some of the top HR issues facing companies today, and how you can expand your role as a trusted advisor by offering guidance and resources to help your clients overcome them. By helping clients address these areas, you can elevate your position to be more consultative — rather than transactional — and continue to strengthen your client relationships.

Learning objectives:
1) Review some of the top HR issues businesses are facing such as worker classification, employee discipline, and leave of absences, to name a few
2) Highlight the pitfalls employers struggle with in these HR areas
3) Identify preventative and consultative strategies to help address the issues

6/12 1:55PM2:45PM

PST1924. A Seat at the Table - Diverse Perspectives Lead to Value

One of the biggest myths when it comes to managing and leading a CPA firm is that you must be a CPA. Outside our profession, organizations build a leadership team with diverse skills, experiences and perspectives. In this session, we will discuss how various functional leaders (IT, Operations, HR) bring a different perspective, skillset and value to your leadership team and why they should have a seat at the table. Learning objectives: 1) Discuss the transformation CPA firms are experiencing today 2) Understand the value potential of a cross-functional leadership team 3) Explore ways that value can also be delivered to your clients

6/12 1:55PM2:45PM

PST1925. BYO (Build Your Own) CAS Tech Stack

Aaron Berson - Managing Director of VRTL, Gettry Marcus CPA P.C.
Kevin Cumley - Director, Accountants Program, Sage Intacct
Deneen Dias - Enterprise Account Manager,
Christine Triantos - Partner, Anton Collins Mitchell

With what seems like more technology options than ever before, firms have no shortage of choices when it comes to selecting solutions to manage internal processes and deliver client accounting services (CAS). Practitioners can customize their technology stack to meet the needs of their business and clients. Building your CAS technology stack involves so much more than selecting the technology itself – it requires a sound strategy and thorough evaluation.

In this session we will:
1) Discuss how you can develop your strategy and standardize CAS technology across your firm and client base
2) Hear from firms who will share the approach they took to evolve their technology stack

6/12 1:55PM2:45PM

PST1926. Business Case for Diversity

Yasmine El-Ramly - Senior Technical Manager, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
Jacquelyn Tracy - Partner, Mandel & Tracy,LLC

A strong business case contains sustainable growth and succession planning models including viable exit strategies, outlines the bottom-line impact, and highlights the increased need for diverse talent that mirrors our marketplace and broadens the organizational perspective to more effectively deal with increasing complexity.

In this presentation, we will:
1) Examine these key components in detail and discuss best practices for developing a strong business case for your firm

6/12 1:55PM2:45PM

PST1927. Hot Topics in Today's Small Firm Environment

For small firm owners, partners and emerging leaders interested in the top issues in small firm practice today. This session will highlight firm intel gathered thru multiple AICPA resources, including the current 2019 Top Issues Survey and Small Firm Connections Feedback Forums held by AICPA VP of small firm interests around the country right up to Engage. Hear what is hot in peer review, hosting services and independence, practice management and key areas impacting firms today to be ready for tomorrow. Upon completing this session you will: 1) Gain insight into addressing the top issues in small firm practice today

6/12 1:55PM2:45PM

ENG1923. How Emerging Technologies are Enhancing Tax Practices (TAX, PST)

Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and big data are being heralded as the end of the accounting profession. This is definitely not true. These emerging technologies will actually increase the value of the services provided by accountants by removing the need to perform mundane transactional and basic compliance work. Firms need to develop an innovation strategy to transcend these emerging technologies and prepare their staff for the changes that are coming...and they are coming sooner than you think! Learning Objectives: 1. Understand how emerging technologies are going to impact the accounting profession 2. Identify the key considerations for enhancing your firm’s service offerings 3. Identify the training that your staff need to be ready to use emerging technologies and deliver enhanced services

6/12 3:00PM3:50PM

ENG1926. Leading Digital Transformation (PST, EDG)

Dan Griffiths - Partner, Tanner LLC

Digital transformation is not about technology; it's about people and change management. Younger CPAs are uniquely positioned to lead that change. In this session we'll discuss practical examples of CPAs that have built coalitions of support for digital transformation within their organizations. You'll leave with the beginnings of a plan to take back to your office and begin building support for leveraging the digital opportunities that are sweeping across every organization on the planet.

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn how to go about building support for digital transformation within a team or organization.
2) Develop a plan to go about leading digital transformation for their current team or organization.

6/12 3:00PM3:50PM

PST1928. Start Mentoring Now with Turnkey Resources

Are you considering starting a mentoring program within your practice? Want tips on how to be a better mentor or how to ask for a mentor? Or do you want to give back to the profession by mentoring but don't know where to start? We've got you covered! In this session you'll learn about turnkey mentoring resources offered by the AICPA and PCPS. Learning objectives: 1) Understand the benefits of mentoring and being mentored 2) Identify resources you can use to start a mentoring program in your organization. Learn best practices for mentors and mentees

6/12 3:00PM3:50PM

PST1929. Leveraging Infrastructure as a Service to Build a Nimbler More Resilient Firm

Sean McLean - Director of Technology Consulting, Petrinovich Pugh & Company, LLP

Is your organization still struggling with on premise technology infrastructure? Paying for Server and Network upgrades every 3 to 5 years? Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) might be a solution. Attend this session to learn about the major vendors (Azure, Amazon, Hybrid) in the space, but also learn about the process our firm adopted and how you might use the lessons learned to your advantage. We will also focus on updated trends in IaaS and take your questions on the subject.

Learning objectives:
1) Learn about vendor comparisons and SWOT analysis in the IaaS space
2) Learn about the process, budget, and partners a firm can leverage to make the migration from on prem to IaaS or hybrid

6/12 3:00PM3:50PM

PST1930. Anti-Fraud Programs: Anomaly Detection Using Data Analytics

Mark Mayberry - Director, Assurance Office of Tomorrow, BDO

In this session, we will take a closer look at data analytics with this presentation on anomaly detection. Methodologies for discovering potential indicators of fraud are outlined and fraud examples will be discussed.

Learning objectives:
1) Discover the top fraud risk areas in financial reporting
2) Learn how to effectively utilize data analytics to detect anomalies as potential indicators of fraud

6/12 3:00PM3:50PM

ENG1925. Enhancing Attest Workflow Beyond Digitizing (PST, NAA)

Attest services have seen technology tools built to digitize the workflow, but there has been little transformation of the processes and procedure. In this session, see how technology is being applied to FINALLY redesign how attest work is done, and creating opportunity spend more time on the insight, analytics, and advisory service that can and should be part of these engagements for clients. What’s Next for Blockchain? Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications, & Self Sovereign Identity. Learning objectives: 1) Understand the impact and opportunity blockchain offers the accounting profession 2) Discover how this innovative distributed technology will accomplish disruption and disintermediation of the world's current business models 3) Blockchain believers and skeptics will take a deeper dive into the technology as we explore its role in tools, such as Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications, and self-sovereign identity, along with the forthcoming disruption that will accompany these tools

6/12 4:50PM6:05PM

ENG1927. SOC for Cybersecurity (PST, NAA)

In this session, Jim will overview the AICPA's new SOC for Cybersecurity offering. He'll share basic concepts of the offering as well as the differences between this service offering and the other existing SOC offerings. Jim will cover everything from basic framework to sample report preparation and share sample deliverables and tools with the group. Learning objectives: 1) Gain an understanding of the new AICPA SOC for Cybersecurity service offering 2) Understand the basics associated with reporting in this space 3) Understand the differences between the various SOC service offerings

6/12 4:50PM6:05PM

ENG1929. Inspector Gadget (PST, PFP)

David Cieslak - EVP, Chief Cloud Officer, RKL eSolutions, LLC

Gizmos and gadgets have become an indispensable part of our digital lives – ever transforming the way we work, play and live. From cloud computing, mobile and hybrid devices to entertainment, home automation and the Internet-of-Things – every aspect of our days are impacted by the latest technology offerings. Join Inspector Gadget as he shares cutting edge tech trends and the hottest gear that every user will want to consider in the months ahead. Learning objectives: 1) Understand the latest technology trends and the impact these trends will have on next generation devices 2) Identify where to wisely invest in new technology, and what to avoid

Thursday, June 13 2019

6/13 6:30AM6:55AM

ENG19VCC5. Recent financial fraud activity: What can be done to prevent it?

Brian Fox - President and Founder,

Description: An alleged $10 million fraud this past fall involving the parent company of Newsweek involved the creation of a fictitious auditor along with fake financial statements. In another recent fraud, a Pennsylvania church administrator is accused of scamming more than $1.2 million from his employer, in part by creating fake audit reports to deceive the church’s board of trustees. Unfortunately, similar frauds are more common than you think as it can be too easy to manipulate financial information, and most aren’t covered by the media. These cases and others like it highlight the need for protection against bogus audit reports, but what can be done to prevent it from happening? Join us as we discuss how financial fraud is occurring and steps you can take to protect your firm and clients.

Learning Objectives:

1) Identify ways financial fraud is occurring
2) Describe the impact and cost of fraud
3) Determine steps you can take to protect your firm and clients’ businesses

6/13 6:30AM6:55AM

ENG19VCC6. CPAFMA: Connecting in Ways to Reveal the Way Forward

Ann White - Regional Human Resources Manager, BDO USA LLP
Joyce Arthur - Alliance Client Services Support Manager, BDO Alliance USA
Sharon Trabbic - Chief Operating Officer, William Vaughan Company

This virtual coffee will provide the Conference’s virtual attendees with some insights as to CPA Firm Management Association and the role of the firm manager and what it means to firms today and how the position and professional can connect to reveal future growth and success of the firm, regardless of firm size.
Learning Objectives:
1) Participants will understand the role the firm manager/COO plays in a CPA firm.
2) Participants will be able to determine when a firm is ready for a firm manager/COO.
3) Participants will be able to evaluate the responsibilities a firm manager/COO should be responsible for based on firm size.

6/13 7:00AM7:50AM

PST19ER02. Tax Season Debrief

Mike Shost - Advisor, Judd Thomas CPA's & Advisors

Join us to review the 2019 tax filing season; we will “rate” the season as a group and discuss some of the challenges of TCJA in the new IRS “post card world” such as the new Forms and Schedules, QBI and how the loss of Miscellaneous Deductions and the higher Standard Deduction impacted your fee’s. We plan for you to leave our session with idea’s on replacing those fee’s or expanding your practice to include tax planning, QBI planning and entity choice review. In addition, we will discuss idea’s on adjusting your processes for tax preparation & review in light of the new law.

Learning objectives:
1) Gain a better understanding of the impact of TCJA on tax practices and changes you should make for the future
2) Provide participants with practical suggestions to expand their practice with tax planning, QBI planning and entity choice review

6/13 7:00AM7:50AM

PST19ER03. Hot Topics in Practice Management

What are some of the practice management opportunities and challenges firms across the country are experiencing? Hear from the PCPS team about the results of the 2019 CPA Firm Top Issues survey and some tips for managing your firm more effectively. Upon completing this session, you will: 1) Have a better understanding of practice management issues firms are facing 2) Have suggestions on how to approach top concerns in practice management by firm size, including a review of resources to help

6/13 8:00AM9:15AM

ENG19K04. Stress-Testing America's Prosperity

Zanny Minton Beddoes - Editor-In-Chief, The Economist

For years, America's economy has led the rest of the developed world, but will the U.S. remain the global dynamo or is the country’s ongoing recovery built on an unsustainable pile of debt? Minton Beddoes examines the economic outlook from American and global perspectives, offering up-to-the-minute insight on policy-makers' priorities and expertise on the likely direction of issues, ranging from job creation to the deficit's effect on global interest rates to potential financial regulation.

6/13 9:30AM10:45AM

PST1933. Enabling Remote Workers & Virtual Offices

As the number of companies offering workplace flexibility, remote work arrangements and even virtual offices continues to grow, you want to be ready to enable your team to be successful working outside the traditional office. Ensuring that you’re prepared for these shifts in work environment with the appropriate technology, expectations, criteria and policies will not only become more important in the coming years but also expected by many prospective employees. Learning objectives: 1) Understand the trends that are disrupting the traditional work environment 2) Review Best Practices for remote workers and virtual offices 3) Gain a better understanding of the technology, criteria, management and policies required for success

6/13 9:30AM10:45AM

PST1934. An Overview of Leading Audit Tools

Stephanie McCasland - Audit Manager, Briggs & Veselka

We are in a constant state of disruption as the accounting profession is faced with new technologies. As the digital age expands, the accounting profession must develop/align our processes in response to this revolution.

In this session, you will:
1) Obtain an introduction to current data extraction, preparation, and analytic tools in the market place
2) Discover how these tools can be incorporated in the audit process or day to day operations
3) Explore various market tools such as Audit Accelerator, ASAP Utilities, IDEA, MindBridge, etc.

6/13 9:30AM10:45AM

PST1935. Is your Tech a Wreck? 

Kalil Merhib - VP of Sales,
Matt Towers - Product Marketing Manager,

Often times, firms will complement their client services with technology recommendations to help improve client operations; however, they can find themselves struggling with how to find time to identify, evaluate, and implement solutions for internal use. Through a thoughtful technology strategy, firms can often eliminate internal inefficiencies while creating value for customers. Having an effective approach to prioritizing which technology to evaluate, a framework to pilot new technology, and a strategy to navigate change management issues when introducing technology both internally and externally can help ensure a positive return on investment and help your firm lead clients by example.

In this session, we will:
1) Explore steps to assess and determine which technologies to prioritize for evaluation
2) Learn a framework for piloting new technology and determining if you should adopt it for your firm
3) Best practices for technology rollout and overcoming change management challenges

6/13 9:30AM10:45AM

PST1931. Where to Find Potential Hires in the Electronic Age

Renee Moelders - Consultant, ConvergenceCoaching LLC

Finding the best and brightest can be a challenge in any market, but with today’s talent shortage, it’s harder than ever. Attend this session to learn real-life recruiting strategies, garnered from our work with some of the best HR professionals in accounting, to help elevate your recruiting efforts and enable you to source both on-campus and experienced hires more effectively. In this discussion, we’ll explore: - Positioning your firm as unique, special and different - Using social media to identify experienced hire potentials - Developing a community of prospective employees and making your firm’s brand known - Using non-traditional methods for staff augmentation including remote workers Leave this session with ideas to enhance your ability to add talent to fuel your firm’s future growth.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
1) Develop recruiting advertisements that more clearly illustrate the firm or department's unique, special and different qualities that will attract the right kind of candidates
2) Create a targeting program to identify potential hires and develop a warm way in to meeting them
3) Identify two new strategies to increase use of non-traditional staff and remote workers

6/13 9:30AM10:45AM

PST1932. Holy Engagement Letters Batman!

Deborah Rood - Risk Control Consulting Director, CNA
Danielle Supkis Cheek - Director, PKF Texas

This session will cover engagement letter requirements, suggestions, and best practices for various types of engagements. It will also include new and upcoming standards that could have engagement letter impacts.

Learning objectives:
1) Learn current and future engagement letter requirements
2) Learn recommendations and suggestions for best practices in engagement letter

6/13 11:15AM12:05PM

PST1936. Panel: Working in the Cannabis Industry

Bob Dohrer - Chief Auditor, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
Ron Seigneur - Managing Partner, Seigneur Gustafson LLP

This session will explore the continuing evolution of the cannabis industry and how professionals are responding to requests for services. The continuing tension between state and local laws and regulations supporting the industry in relation to the illegal status under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 has created huge conundrums for operators, investor and advisors. Learning objectives: 1) Hear about the lessons learned in Colorado that have been providing a broad range of support to selected cannabis and hemp clients since 2009 2) Get an update on the status of key legislation, including the STATES Rights Act, and SAFE Banking Act that are currently being considered at the federal level 3) Explore where to turn for more input and resources to assist in serving cannabis and hemp industry clients, including ethical issues for licensed CPAs

6/13 11:15AM12:05PM

PST1937. Time Management for Accountants

Gail Perry - Editor-in-Chief, CPA Practice Advisor

Accountants know that time is money – and there rarely seems to be enough time. In this session you will learn proven steps to actually improve the way you manage time and improve your workflow practices for maximum value. In particular, you will learn why time management is at the core of most pressing issues facing accountants today; the theory of goal-based time management; understanding your goals; short-term and long-term scheduling tactics; and time management hacks that make managing your time fun and successful. The author of over 30 books on tax, accounting, and personal finance, Gail promises that you will leave this session with a priceless gift – the gift of time.

Learning objectives:
1) Learn how to set time management goals and incorporate them into your schedule
2) Discover how to make the best use of your available time
3) Learn how to stay focused in the face of interruptions
4) Change the way you regard time - for the rest of your life

6/13 11:15AM12:05PM

PST1938. Collaborate With Your Customers Using Microsoft Teams

Dan Krishman - Sage Intacct Practice Manager, Kerr Consulting

Stop SERVING your clients! COLLABORATE with them instead using Microsoft Teams! Want a sure shot way to stay engaged with your clients? This session tells the story of how experimenting with Microsoft Teams led Kerr Consulting to reshape how it interacted with clients, increasing their engagement, level of customer satisfaction and value, and of course revenue!

Learning objectives:
1) Learn how to leverage Microsoft Teams to increase the effectiveness of your team internally
2) Discover how to collaborate with your customers using Microsoft Teams

6/13 11:15AM12:05PM

PST1939. Transcending Technology: How to Ensure Competitive Advantage

Innovations in accounting are on the horizon: artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, and many more. What do accountants and tax advisors need to do to be ready for these innovations? Attend this thought-provoking session to look at the impact of these emerging technologies and identify what you and your teams need to do NOW to start getting ready for the changes that are coming and ensure your firm has a competitive advantage. Learning objectives: 1) Identify the human factors that enable competitive advantage for tax accountants 2) Identify professional development needs to be ready to leverage emerging technologies 3) Understand existing innovations and identify those that may add value to your firm’s services

6/13 11:15AM12:05PM

PST1940. How the Firm of Tomorrow is Using Data Today

Glen Keenan - President & COO, XCM Solutions

Our future relevance depends on our ability to do the things the machines can’t do—to interpret the numbers, to tell the stories behind the numbers and make our clients future-ready at the same time,” said Tom Hood executive director of the Maryland Association of CPAs and its learning and innovation affiliate, the Business Learning Institute.

As digitalization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning continue to automate work, best-in-class firms are increasingly looking for new ways to leverage technology to help differentiate and scale up their businesses. The firm of tomorrow is no longer focused on harvesting data—they have algorithms for that—instead they are exploring new ways to analyze and interpret this data to drive the business forward.

In this session, you will learn:
1) How to use data derived from your workflow platform to increase productivity and grow revenues in your firm
2) KPI’s to increase capacity and productivity in your firm

6/13 1:15PM2:30PM

PST1944. Effective Strategies to Secure and Retain Top Talent

Tricia McLaurin - HR Business Partner, Paychex Inc.

Seventy-six percent of hiring decision makers say attracting quality candidates is their number-one* challenge. Having a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy in today’s competitive job market is imperative for employer’s looking to find, hire, engage, and retain the workers needed to maintain and grow their business. This session will identify ways to successfully position your business – and those of your clients - as an “employer of choice” with job seekers, as well as their current employees.
*Aptitude Research Partners, August 2017

Learning objectives:
1) Review current state of finding and securing top talent in today’s tight labor market
2) Identify essential steps and best practices for effective recruitment, selection and screening strategies/techniques
3) Discuss impactful strategies for keeping employees engaged, and helping them learn and grow professionally
4) Highlight the opportunity for accountants to successfully advise their clients on HR solutions

6/13 1:15PM2:30PM

ENG1931. Are You Running Your Business or is it Running You? (EDG, PST)

Tom Hood - CEO, Maryland Association of CPAs

In today's fast-paced environment, everybody is looking for that competitive edge. This session will give you that edge by using tools and techniques from EOS to help you evaluate how you are doing in six key areas and learn how to delegate and elevate your work and get maximum team performance. A recognized speaker, Tom’s interactive style and real-world insight makes this a must-see event for growth-oriented entrepreneurs everywhere. Attendees will walk away focused, clear on priorities and issues, healthier as a leadership team, and using tools that help them gain more traction. Don’t let the company run you – get a grip on your business. Learning Objectives: 1) Identify the tools needed to master to become strong in the six key components of their business — vision, people, data, issues, processes, and traction. 2) Determine the first steps needed to complete in order to become strong in each of these key components.

6/13 1:15PM2:30PM

PST1941. 2018 PCPS MAP Survey Results

For firm owners and partners ready to get a strong understanding of the 2018 MAP Survey results and how to use the survey to your advantage. This session will highlight results as well as drill deep into the analytics that can be done using the survey platform. Walk through a case study using real firm data from the survey, analyzing your firm against other firms in the survey based on firm size, area of practice and other key analytics every firm should consider as you strategize for the future. Upon completing this session you will: 1) Have knowledge of key performance statistics from over 1,900 firms that participated in the 2018 MAP Survey 2) Understand how to use the survey platform to filter data and measure your firm against the competition

6/13 1:15PM2:30PM

PST1942. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence Concepts and Use Cases for CPAs

One of the hottest topics in accounting today is the use of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate business processes. While these technologies are new to many small and mid-sized businesses, they have both been deployed by some Fortune 500 companies for many years. This session covers basic terms and principles, discusses some of the related tools available today, and provides a roadmap to help attendees get started with these revolutionary technologies. Attend this session to learn how you can revolutionize your business with intelligent automation. Major topics for discussion include a) key terms and concepts associated with RPA and AI; b) major application platforms and suites used to implement next generation automation strategies; and c) use cases and strategies for using these technologies. Upon completing this session, attendees should be able to perform the following tasks: 1) Define key associated terms, including robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, bots, scripts, and chatbots 2) Name at least two RPA platforms available today, and explain at a high level the process of creating a Bot with these toolsets 3) Describe the capabilities of low-code and no-code solutions and differentiate the capabilities of these tools with traditional programming tools 4) Explain what kinds of tasks are suitable for early automation efforts, and what processes will require more sophistication

6/13 1:15PM2:30PM

PST1943. Office 365 - The Lesser Known Apps

Gerry Wilton - Director of Operations BAIWay, BAI Bragonier & Associates Inc.

Join Gerry as he takes us on a guided tour of the lessor known applications included in your Office 365 Business and Enterprise licenses. He’ll speak to what these applications are about and how they can be deployed in your firm. They will include: Bing; Delve; Flow; Forms; Planner; Stream; Sway; Teams and Video.

Upon leaving Gerry’s session you will have:
1) A clear understanding and focused objectives of each of the applications covered
2) You will also be able to make a clear distinction on how and why your firm might further investigate their deployment and use

6/13 2:45PM4:00PM

PST1945. Roundtable Discussions: HR

Renee Moelders - Consultant, ConvergenceCoaching LLC

Practitioners Roundtable to facilitate discussion on Human Resources, Information Technology and Business Development.

Learning objectives:
• Discuss best practices in internal CPA Firm management and administration
• Learn from experiences of other participants

6/13 2:45PM4:00PM

PST1946. Roundtable Discussions: TECH

Practitioners Roundtable to facilitate discussion on Human Resources, Information Technology and Business Development. Learning objectives: • Discuss best practices in internal CPA Firm management and administration • Learn from experiences of other participants

6/13 2:45PM4:00PM

PST1947. Starting Your Analytics Journey ? What You Need to Know to Ensure Success

Erick Kirchner - Senior Managing Consultant, Epicentric Consulting

In this session we will explore burning questions in the world of analytics including: What is the definition of analytics; what business questions does analytics help solve? What are the different types of analytics - Hype v. Reality? What options do you have related to access of analytics related resources and technologies? The pros and cons of Outsource vs. Insource; How do you measure analytics values/success?

Learning objectives:
1) Understand the different types of analytic technologies and how they apply to business scenarios
2) Learn how to apply analytics to solve business questions and create value
3) Discover how to measure analytics values and successes
4) Learn what skills, resources, and training are needed

6/13 2:45PM4:00PM

ENG1932. What is the Purpose of a CRM and How Do I Find The Right One? (PST, AAM)

Sarah Dobek - President and Founder, Inovautus Consulting

An organization focused on growth knows it should implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The problem is that it is quite difficult for firms to find one they like, and when they do find one they like, it can be almost impossible to get traction. A successful CRM journey starts with the right expectations and the right set-up. CRM isn't only for sales and marketing, it's an effective tool for client service! This session will discuss the various uses and roles of CRM and what you should look for in a system that matches your needs. Learning objectives: 1) Participants will learn how a customer relationship management (CRM) system benefits the various branches of an accounting firm 2) Participants will learn what they should look for when selecting a CRM system and how they can set it up for success

6/13 2:45PM4:00PM

PST1948. Ask The Tech + Expert

Still have unanswered questions from the conference? Tap into the minds of a handful of the professions leading technology minds. In this interactive panel discussion, you'll have the opportunity to ask your questions on a variety of topics. Learning objectives: • Access to some of the leading technology thought leaders in the profession • Last chance to ask any unanswered questions before you leave the conference

6/13 2:45PM4:00PM

ENG1933. Roundtable Discussions: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (PST, AAM)

Michelle Golden River - President, Fore LLC

Practitioners Roundtable to facilitate discussion on Human Resources, Information Technology and Business Development. Learning objectives: • Discuss best practices in internal CPA Firm management and administration • Learn from experiences of other participants

6/13 4:15PM5:05PM

PST1949. Moving to a Virtual Audit

Audit clients continue to become more global, diverse and technology reliant while the audit methodologies used by most firms hasn’t fundamentally changed in 25 years. While there has long been discussion that the future audit will shift from attesting on past results once per year to delivering real time assurance very little has been accomplished to date. This session will discuss approaches to virtual integration to client’s systems and data to leverage data analytics. Leveraging “big data” through use of “data analytics in our audit processes are sure to be future foundational capabilities. This session will layout a virtual audit model for how that could work, the potential benefits, and the current barriers around moving this from myth to reality. During this session, specific recommendations will be presented to start positioning the firm for virtual engagements will be discussed. Topics Include: a) Out Instant Gratification Culture, b) Audit of the Future – Dynamic Integration, c) Use of Data Analytics  Continuous Auditing, d) Virtual Continuous Audit models, e) What can I do today? and f) Moving Ideas to Action. Learning objectives: 1) Participants will understand the benefits of moving to virtual auditing 2) Participants will learn how to set up a virtual audit practice in their firm

6/13 4:15PM5:05PM

ENG1934. Reimagining Cross-Selling as Cross-Solving (PST, AAM)

Carrie Steffen - President, The Whetstone Group

Your clients' experience working with your firm is your greatest differentiator and one of the key drivers of client loyalty. We've all heard the term cross-selling--but it's time for a change of mindset. When practitioners begin to re-imagine cross-selling as helping clients with solve the puzzles of both issues and opportunities facing clients' businesses, those practitioners unlock endless potential ways to endear clients, create more satisfying relationships and generate revenue.

During this session we will look at key factors in changing the dialog around doing more for existing clients by understanding the skills and behaviors professionals should practice to deepen relationships with clients and begin to become a true advisor. We'll discuss what cross-solving looks like and more importantly, how to communicate to clients the value you are delivering.

After completing this session participants will be able to:
1) Understand the mindset of cross-solving
2) Talk with clients about how the value you create solves their issues and/or helps them take advantage of opportunities
3) Help their firms drive top-line revenue growth through client relationships
4) Meet needs as clients' demands evolve and keep their firm relevant to a market that wants more from the CPA relationship

6/13 4:15PM5:05PM

ENG1935. Mindful Technology: Embracing Technology, Innovation and Mindfulness to Create Greater Human Connections (PST, AAM)

Embracing new technology, will not isolate people or make us irrelevant as some fear. Instead, when used correctly and ethically, technology can empower leaders and employees to create stronger business relationships. Learn how to leverage technology to tap back into your purpose and creativity, become more mindful and empathetic as leaders and communicators, and create a greater sense of work-life harmony. In this presentation, you will: 1) Unlearn the routines of the past by embracing technology and learning how it’s currently being incorporated and connecting people in business and improving company culture 2) Tap into self-discovery and mindfulness techniques to feel more fulfilled in the work you do 3) Learn how to let technology do the heavy lifting so you can dedicate more time to developing the soft skills necessary to create a collaborative and lasting relationship with your employees and your customers