Sessions | ENGAGE 2020

Monday, June 10 2019

6/10 8:00AM8:50AM

ENG19K001. The View from the IRS

Charles P. Rettig - Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service

Join Charles Rettig as he discusses his opening months as IRS Commissioner. He will touch on:
- His top priorities
- The impact of TCJA
- IRS Modernization efforts
- How AICPA members can work with the IRS to help improve the nation’s tax system

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn the current issues of the IRS so you can better serve clients
2) Learn the intricacies of the relationship between the IRS and the accounting profession

6/10 1:30PM2:45PM

ENG19K01. The Fat Tail: The Power of Political Knowledge for Strategic Investing

Ian Bremmer - President & Founder, Eurasia Group and GZERO Media

The fallout from the still-unfolding global financial crisis provides several perfect examples of "fat tail" risk, those that flow from the low-probability, high-impact events that generate upheaval more often than we think. Bremmer shares with audiences how an understanding of the political dynamics generated by the financial crisis helps us forecast market risks, why politics matter more than ever for market performance, why the world's wealthiest countries have begun to behave like emerging market states, and what all this means for investors and companies.

At this presentation audiences will learn:
1) The risks that flow from low-probability, high-impact the global financial crisis
2) Why politics matter more for the performance of markets and for issues ranging from defaults to nationalization to regulatory reforms
3) Why developed states are behaving more like emerging markets
4) The shift from New York, Shanghai, and Mumbai to Washington, Beijing, and Delhi—and the risks that this trend creates

6/10 2:00PM4:30PM

Corporate Social Responsibility Activity

Begin your Summit experience by helping those who are less fortunate. AAM will be partnering with Clean the World who recycles and repurposes discarded hotel soap and toiletries by sanitizing the supplies and sending them to organizations and countries in need. Participants will assemble hygiene kits. The $30 registration fee will be used to cover the non-donated supplies involved in the kit assembly.

* This event is open to all AICPA ENGAGE particpants

6/10 7:00PM9:00PM

Opening Networking Event/AAM-MAAs 

What better way to start the 2019 AAM Summit at ENGAGE than a night of networking with your AAM friends old and new. We will also celebrate the winners of the 2019 AAM-MAAs Awards.

Tuesday, June 11 2019

6/11 6:30AM6:55AM

ENG19VCC2. Are You Guiding Your Clients Towards a Bright Future? Position Yourself as a Valued Retirement Adviser

Matthew Brock - District Sales Manager, Paychex

Advising your clients on their plans for retirement is more than just setting aside money in an IRA. Find out how to guide them through the important conversations about retirement plans including unique ways to save on taxes, attracting and retaining quality talent, and meeting fiduciary requirements. As your business clients’ most trusted advisor, you are well positioned to help guide them toward a dignified retirement.

Join our session to uncover critical retirement strategies and opportunities to further assist your clients in achieving their financial goals.
1) Review current state of retirement readiness and the regulatory environment
2) Compare features and options to maximize savings potential
3)Highlight the exclusive benefits provided by the AICPA to help you and your clients prepare for retirement security

6/11 8:00AM8:05AM

AAM1900. Welcome/AAM Summit Kick-off

6/11 8:05AM8:55AM

AAM1901. Curiosity: How to Stay Calm Amid Uncertainty

Matt Newman - Consultant, The Frontier Project

Initiate honestly. Respond without judgement. Build together without an end in sight.
These mindsets can get you back on track when new information arises to totally negate all your plans and assumptions. They can help you project presence and confidence in an uncertain situation. And they all come straight from the long tradition of improvisational performers—better known as improv comics.
The rate of change in today’s workforce is increasing exponentially. Research indicates that modern companies go through substantial organizational changes every three years. The average workforce undergoes a complete turnover every eight years. The life-cycle of products and US patent filings is getting shorter. And all this increased speed is making itself felt in our everyday experience.
Matt will show you how using an improviser’s iterative mindset can increase your tolerance for change, lead to more productive conversations, foster creative teams, and generally make you more comfortable and confident when you have no idea what will happen next.
Using lessons learned from nearly two decades performing in front of crowds without a script, Matt will share stories and inspiration from unusual places to awaken your own sense of curiosity about the changing world around you.
He’s also going to ask someone from the audience to get on stage. You’ve been warned.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn how to initiate honestly. Respond without judgement. Build together without an end in sight.
2. Learn how using an improviser’s iterative mindset can increase your tolerance for change, lead to more productive conversations, foster creative teams, and generally make you more comfortable and confident when you have no idea what will happen next.

6/11 8:55AM9:05AM

AAM1902. State of AAM

Craig Browning - Director of Marketing and Personnel, KWC Certified Public Accountants
Jennifer Lemanski - Senior Manager, PKF Texas

AAM's President and President-Elect will recap the organization’s accomplishments during the past year, introduce new board members and discuss initiatives for the year ahead with video highlights.

6/11 9:05AM9:55AM

AAM1903. Inside the Mind of the Managing Partner: Marketing That Really Matters

Carl George - CEO, Carl George Advisory,LLC

As the CEO of Clifton Gunderson for 16 years, I was privileged to work with many partners and staff that understood the dynamics of marketing to our current clients, to prospective clients, and to clients that were previously lost. This session will focus on lessons learned and best practices in executing on those three dynamics. In addition, the session will address successful marketing training techniques for the rising staff stars in your firms.

Learning Objectives:
1) To obtain a clear understanding of the constant need to market to current clients, future clients, and to former clients.
2) To provide current successful marketing training techniques for the firm's staff.
3) To provide marketing lessons learned and best practices from the MP's perspective.

6/11 9:55AM10:20AM

AAM1904. How Much Should You Spend on Marketing: Results of AAM’s 2019 Marketing Budget Survey

Lee Frederiksen - Managing Partner, Hinge

AAM partnered with the Hinge Research Institute to conduct their third bi-annual study of marketing budgets within CPA firms. In this session, the Managing Partner of Hinge Lee Frederiksen will uncover insights from the research, help attendees benchmark their marketing budgets against high-growth and average-growth firms, and provide guidance on building an effective marketing budget.

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn how high-growth and average-growth accounting firms budget marketing expenses.
2) Learn which marketing techniques are more effective for accounting firms
3) Benchmark your firm’s marketing budget against high-growth and average-growth firms.

6/11 10:35AM11:00AM

ENG19SC01. Sponsor Chat Lobby: Abacus Next

Phillip S. Phares - Director of Education, Abacus Next

Join Abacus Next team members in a text chat discussion about services and products that may be of interest to you.  They will also be able to address any questions that you may have.  (Not eligible for CPE).

6/11 11:20AM12:10PM

AAM1905. Content for Conversion

Christine M Nelson - Senior Communications Consultant, Ingenuity Marketing Group,LLC

One of the hardest stages for content marketing is the Decision stage — actually converting visitors to take action on an offer or to request an RFP. This session will focus on strategies to improve conversion, including identifying the actions that you want visitors to take once they arrive at your site and the gaps you may have in your campaigns that fail to move potential clients from Awareness and Consideration to Decision. We will use examples of actual campaigns to help participants map out their own inbound marketing strategy for conversion, discuss follow-up touches that bring buyers back to the table, and determine when it's timely to have partners engaged in outreach and closing.

Learning Objectives:
1. Attendees will leave with an inbound marketing strategy map that focuses on the right conversion tactics for their firm.
2. Deep dive and creation of content that applies to the conversion stage of inbound marketing
3. Fill gaps in the inbound marketing approach that support conversion and real prospects
4. Tie marketing efforts to conversion ROI to justify digital focus

6/11 11:20AM12:10PM

AAM1906. Accountability and Consistency: Developing and Executing on an Internal Sales Process

Dawn Howard - Regional Marketing Director, BKD, LLP

This presentation will be focused on developing and executing on a strong sales pipeline process. The 'billable hours shield' is alive and well as it relates to the time our client service professionals are willing to put to their business development efforts. Key points of this presentation include setting up a consistent and efficient follow up plan with a focus on holding people accountable as they build their sales pipeline. This presentation will also discuss a methodology to limiting the number of key prospects per client service professional and an example of a marketing campaign and process utilized to improve your win rate.

After attending this presentation, attendees should be able to:
1) Assess their own current business development process and determine in what areas, as it relates to holding their client teams accountable, they need to tighten up the process.
2) In addition, attendees should recognize instances where it is time to escalate any concerns to their executive team and should feel empowered to do so.
3) Finally, attendees should be able to use the example of a marketing campaign and to construct one of their own or infuse their own plan.

6/11 11:20AM12:10PM

ENG1909. Uncovering Unconscious Bias (EDG, PST, AAM)

Lindsay Stevenson - Vice President - Finance, 1st Financial Bank USA
Rebekah Brown - Director of Development, MACPA/BLI

Is unconscious bias hindering you, your team or your organization? Unconscious bias is bias that happens automatically. It is triggered by our brain making quick judgments and assessments of people and situations based on our background, cultural environment and personal experiences. Have you ever arrived home from work and don’t remember the drive at all? Or perhaps you moved, but drove to the old house on your way home. Once neural pathways are formed, like your daily commute, they become almost automatic. We don’t spend time thinking about each turn on the way home, our body just does it. While this can be helpful for remembering your route home, it can be detrimental in other areas of our lives. In this session we will explore these biases, how they might be hurting, us, our team and our organization and what we can do to create new neural pathways and combat unconscious bias. Learning Objectives: 1) Define unconscious bias Identify the unconscious biases that might be driving you 2) Create an action plan to combat the unconscious biases in you, your team and your organization

6/11 11:20AM12:10PM

ENG1910. GDPR - An Increase in North America Privacy - Are you in Compliance? (PST, AAM)

Thomas Patterson - Senior Director, NTT Data Services, Inc.

The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is causing many U.S. businesses and organizations to take a hard look at data and information collected from customers and others who are citizens of or persons who reside within the EU member states. This new law recognizes the rights of EU citizens as the legal owners of 'personally identifiable' data and information that uniquely identifies each EU citizen or resident. This session will provide attendees with an increased appreciation of this new regulation and its requirements on US organizations and compare the regulation to the recently enacted state of California Consumer Privacy Act.

The session will provide attendees with:
1) An understanding and appreciation of the European Union's GDPR, and its potential impact on organizations providing products and services to EU citizens and residents
2) Information on the types of services licensed CPAs can provide to clients, share insights on questions clients may ask attendees
3) Steps practitioners can perform to help clients ensure they are complying with the law and that help organization's provide assurances regarding their data privacy practices and controls

6/11 1:25PM2:40PM

AAM1909. Marketing and Sales: Two Disciplines, One Process

Daniel Scott Moore - Shareholder & EVP, The Rainmaker Companies

Thirty years ago, the AICPA revised its Code of Ethics to allow advertising, and accounting marketing was born. Ever since, firms have wrestled with how to link marketing investments to tangible sales results. Today we look across the industry and find no shortage of sophisticated marketers blazing trails. However, the challenge to align marketing and sales continues to perplex many growth leaders.

Most definitions of marketing and sales place one before the other in a continuum, rather than each in its own silo. There is a relay, although there isn’t a distinct handoff. Rather, the two functions continually support each other. Herein lies the key to true integration: Align all marketing and sales roles and responsibilities along a single, unified client development process.

Participants will be provided with a 'Marketing and Sales Alignment Guide' with a summary of key points that can be used for future reference.

Participants will explore and learn:
1) the distinctions and connections between the marketing and sales functions
2) a five-phase client development process and the role of each function across the phases

6/11 1:25PM2:40PM

AAM1907. How to Conquer the Podcast Game: ENGAGE Your Audience & Invigorate Your Brand

Becca Davis - Director of Practice Growth, Rea & Associates,Inc.

In this session, attendees will learn how Rea & Associates developed an engaging, award-winning podcast -- before podcasting was cool. We'll cover how a podcast can help invigorate your brand, make your people famous, form meaningful conversations and build trust and credibility with the people you want to reach, and streamline your content strategy.

You'll learn how Rea launched its podcast, unsuitable on Rea Radio, and the lessons we learned along the way. We'll share our internal and external promotion strategy and the tools and equipment you need to get started. If you've been considering podcasting as a strategy, you don't want to miss this fun and engaging session.

The session will cover the how and why of starting a podcast and attendees will learn:

1) Why a podcast/selling to your firm
2) Pre-launch objectives
3) Launch date promotion
4) Keeping it fresh
5) Overcoming obstacles
6) Our top lessons learned
7) Using as a content hub
8) How we work smarter, not harder
9) Top tools/equipment used
10) Skill sets required

6/11 1:25PM2:40PM

AAM1908. Party of One: Maximizing Your Impact as a Solo Firm Marketer

Anne Angera - Director of Marketing, DunlapSLK

Solo firm marketers are continuously pulled in many different directions, filling multiple roles and wearing many hats. Where should you focus your limited time and resources to maximize your impact for the firm? This session will help you think strategically to direct your talents to those areas that will yield meaningful results for firm management, enhance your visibility and credibility within the firm, and directly impact the firm’s team members and bottom line. Sharing lessons learned from more than 26 years working as a solo firm marketer, along with best practices from other solo firm marketers and industry experts, the goal is for participants to leave this session with a renewed focus and a specific action plan geared toward activities yielding the greatest results.

Key takeaways will be in the form of action plans and ideas for customizing and implementing at the participant’s firm. This is a critical-thinking, idea-sharing, and problem-solving session geared toward generating thoughts on how to make examples and experiences shared work for everyone in their own unique situation.

Learning Objectives:
1. Participants will learn how to apply strategic thinking to align their goals with those of firm management. Focusing on the AICPA’s “Top Five Issues,” participants will be provided with specific examples of how marketing can play a role in each of these areas. Sharing personal experiences and the experiences of others in the industry, the goal is for participants to leave with tangible ideas for programs and projects that can be tailored for their unique situations and help them directly impact their firms and, ultimately, their careers.
2. Participants will learn how to think “big picture” and establish themselves as an important resource for their firms beyond the marketing function.

6/11 3:40PM4:30PM

AAM1910. Guest List Envy: Creating Your Most Attended Event Yet

Ronelle Sellers - Director of Marketing, Henderson Hutcherson & McCullough, PLLC

Discover how a regional firm made its after-hours networking/business development experience one of the most successful initiatives in the firm’s 37-year history. Learn about every detail from invitation design and event branding, to guest list and gift baskets, and even the method of follow-up that turned this event into one of the most talked about and well-attended referral-based networking events in the city. The event grew from 75 attendees in year one to 175 attendees in year four. And, we will share best practices from this event that we now apply to all firm events, including a modified version of this same event in another city.

Learning Objectives:
1) Hear about our “secret sauce” for combing professional, social and personal touch concepts, creating a win-win atmosphere for your referral sources.
2) Discover how to get your top referral sources asking for your event invitation.
3) Learn how we trained our supervisors and managers to develop and/or solidify referral sources and ultimately increase new business.

6/11 3:40PM4:30PM

AAM1911. Rise of the AI Marketing Machine - Driving Growth in Accounting Firms

Becky Livingston - President & CEO, Penheel Marketing

AI has made it possible for marketers to accomplish tasks they’ve been talking about for decades. In this presentation, I’ll discuss how you can tackle three essential firm-growth goals, including marketing campaign performance, sales and revenue impact, and customer loyalty, using AI resources. Leveraging crowd-sourced knowledge, they’ll be examples of how to increase efficiencies and to unify data from disparate sources, automate and future-proof data models for scale, and reduce optimization cycles.

Learning Objectives:
1) Identify AI tools to help you increase efficiencies within your firm and impact growth
2) Plan your strategic approach to tackle the three, essential firm-growth goals
3) Pinpoint crowd-sourced information to make informed decisions

6/11 3:40PM4:30PM

AAM1912. Negotiate to Win

John Meislahn - Director of Business Development, Pisenti & Brinker LLP

Americans are inherently the worst negotiators in the world. Our culture does not support the bartering and bargaining that takes place in other countries. In this presentation you will get a short history of the negotiation process and then you will be provided with 21 steps to help you be a better negotiator.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants walk away with basic negotiation skills that can be used in all aspects of their daily life. Whether you are negotiating pricing with a prospect, a hotel upgrade on your vacation or just bargaining with your children….this material will give you a head start.

6/11 4:45PM6:00PM

AAM1913. Communication on Point: Successful strategies for paid social media campaigns

Melissa Harrison - CEO, Allee Creative

Communication is at a crossroads and this includes the digital space. Organic or paid? Influencer marketing or from the brand? Regardless of where you net out, your brand deserves to be in the spotlight. Gone are the days of relying solely on organic content--the best communicators are executing solid paid digital strategies on social media and beyond. From Facebook boosted posts and targeted ads to Twitter campaigns—each comes with its own parameters for reaching niche audiences and expanding brand reach. If you haven’t established a paid social media strategy, this is your next move. We’ll cover what to track, how to track it, and the most effective way to set up your information to be understood and analyzed by key decision makers in your company.

Learning Objectives:
1) Participants will understand the digital channels that are most effective for paid campaigns and how to best use their time in developing those for their audience.
2) Participants will be able to organize a paid digital media strategy from start to finish - creating content, scheduling and planning, and analyzing stats.
3) Participants will understand the how, why and how often to track results and how to tie them to your brand’s overall growth goals.

6/11 4:45PM6:00PM

AAM1914. Building an Optimal Customer Experience and Effective Customer Journeys

Cheryl Wipper - VP - Communications, Reputations & Brand, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
Amy McCallister - Senior Manager - Marketing, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

Nearly 80% of organizations think they are providing a positive customer experience but customers disagree. Barely 10% of customers feel as if they are being served well. Customer experience is the new brand building—how you interact with customers at every level, from websites to phone conversations to meetings is driving customer value and your bottom line success. How can you determine if you're doing a good job with your clients, if your services are valued, if you have an opportunity to upsell? Customer experience is the new competitive frontier to increase satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. Learn how to conduct an experience study and get examples of what you might learn about your customers and your company.

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn how to conduct an experience study
2) Learn how to become an experience-focused organization.

6/11 4:45PM6:00PM

ENG1917. Communicating Value and Pricing to Clients (PST, AAM)

Michelle Golden River - President, Fore LLC

Experience The Power of Pricing in Advance. In this practical, information-packed session, unpack three big concepts within Michelle's Advanced Pricing Methodology(SM). Learn the rationale behind each, then discover multiple ways to leverage the power of pricing to improve growth, elevate your worth, and deepen customer loyalty. Key Concepts: • Why & How to Provide Certainty in Price • Ways to Better Understand the Customer • Customer-Centric Positioning for Max Effectiveness. Attend this session and gain competitive advantage: 1) Explore the psychological and financial benefits when you provide tiered, 3-option pricing in advance 2) Learn how to bring more impactful, truly holistic approaches (can you say effective cross-selling?) without being pushy 3) Discover how to break out of the “just a vendor” role to be a true business-advisor role from day 1 of a client relationship

6/11 4:45PM6:00PM

ENG1900. From Passion to Profession: How LPGA golfer Cristie Kerr turned her love of wine into Kerr Cellars - Presented by Chase Ink®

Cristie Kerr

In this exclusive women’s wine tasting and networking event, presented by Chase Ink®, world-renowned LPGA golfer, Cristie Kerr, will take us through her journey of turning her passion for wine into a successful business with the creation of Kerr Cellars, which launched in 2013.

In the first portion of the session, we will get to know Cristie as she shares her business and personal tips for success in a conversation with Megan Chandler, Executive Director of Marketing at Chase Ink. Following, Cristie will then lead an interactive wine tasting of her own vintages and share more on how to enjoy the finest wines.

Learning Objectives:

1) Insights around winning in business as a female entrepreneur
2) Identifying strength and weaknesses in building a winning team
3) Tips for creating and nurturing a culture of excellence

Wednesday, June 12 2019

6/12 6:30AM6:55AM

ENG19VCC3. Stop Overworking Prep, Comp, Review

Tyler Anderson - Manager of Audit Innovation, Accountability Plus

In this chat, we will dig into reasons firms tend to overwork prep, comp and review engagements along with some strategies and technology that can help get your firm delivering high quality financial statement services as efficiently as possible.

• Identify places where you might be overworking engagements
• Identify action steps to take to better balance quality and efficiency in these engagements

6/12 7:00AM7:50AM

ENG19SSK01. BONUS KEYNOTE: Scoring Big in Business - presented by Chase Ink

John Elway - Denver Broncos , General Manager and President of Football Operations

John Elway, Hall of Fame quarterback, General Manager and President of Football Operations for the Denver Broncos and entrepreneur, discusses how managing a football team is similar to running a business – and the secret to succeeding at both.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understanding the “mission critical” role CPAs and Accounting Professionals play in helping business owners make decisions that help their business
2. Tips on leadership, how to build the best team, ways to be more productive, stay inspired and grow your business

6/12 8:00AM9:15AM

ENG19K02. Reimagine

Barry Melancon - President and CEO, American Institute of CPAs CEO, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants , Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
William Reeb - CEO, Succession Institute,LLC

The digital era has brought about a blistering pace of change that’s only getting faster. It’s rapidly resetting consumer expectations and challenging organizations to disrupt themselves to remain relevant. And it’s bringing enormous opportunity for the accounting profession. To lead our clients and employers through these increasingly volatile times, we must open ourselves to new possibilities – reimagining the services and skills we offer to keep the profession vital and relevant well into the future.

You’ll learn:

1) The latest trends reshaping the accounting profession
2) How technology can enable us to enhance quality in existing service areas, and provide opportunity in new service areas our clients and businesses increasingly demand
3) How to evolve our skillsets to remain trusted advisors in an increasingly digital world

6/12 9:15AM9:40AM

ENG19WA01. AICPA & CPA Practice Advisor Top 25 Women in Accounting Awards

6/12 9:40AM10:30AM

ENG19K03. Leading Through Organizational Transformation — A Conversation With Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek - Optimist & Author
6/12 10:45AM11:10AM

ENG19SC03. Sponsor Chat Lobby: Paychex

Jessica Battaglia - Human Resources Consultant, Paychex
Margie Bassford - Human Resources Consultant, Paychex

Join Paychex HR Professionals in an online chat, where you can submit questions and stay informed as Paychex responds to inquiries about solutions that help make payroll, HR, benefits, and insurance simple for your clients. (Not eligible for CPE).

6/12 11:30AM12:45PM

ENG1920. Engaging NextGen Clients (PST, AAM)

Jennifer Wilson - Co-founder and Partner, ConvergenceCoaching,LLC

Engaging NextGen Clients Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest living generation in the US. Young buyers are transforming the way we call a taxi, stay in touch with business colleagues and shop for essentials. And their expectations are driving changes to the traditional CPA firm client engagement and service delivery models. Leave this session with a roadmap for ensuring your firm stays relevant by engaging with the buyers of today and tomorrow! Learning objectives: 1) Understand NextGen buyers, how they are different from traditional clients, and how to best engage them 2) Explore service, relationship and technology expectations of NextGen clients and prospects 3) Learn to proactively engage the successors of your retirement-age clients and your NextGen talent to ensure client continuity 4) Discuss the role of leadership and your talent in building a NextGen-ready firm

6/12 11:30AM12:45PM

AAM1915. 8 Simple Techniques To Grow Your Business With Video Marketing

Antoine Dupont - CEO, Katapult Marketing

Video marketing is taking consumers by storm because it engages customers and prospects and helps convert them into buyers. Recent statistics show that video content is not only effective, but the demand for it has grown at a rapid pace. According to Hubspot, 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers and companies that use video in their email marketing, see a 5x higher open rate and 8x open-to-reply rates. Cisco also forecasts 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be videos by 2020. With these kind of stats, don’t you think it’s time to learn more about video marketing?

Learning Objectives:
1) How to create a high-quality video with a small budget
2) The best marketing channels to promote your video
3) How to generate endless sources of content
4) Shattering myths and bad habits
5) How to produce content your audience cares about
6) Where to post and promote your content

6/12 11:30AM12:45PM

AAM1916. Marketing's Important Role in Building a CPA Firm's Consulting Practice

Carrie Steffen - President, The Whetstone Group

As the landscape of public accounting evolves so must CPA firms. Implications of technology and tax reform while still somewhat unknown will no-doubt change the way CPAs interact with clients, their role in their clients businesses and their mix of services. As these innovations begin to take shape, where does that leave the CPA business model? Firms with a “business as usual” mindset may find themselves on the outside looking in. During this session we’ll share insights from leading experts from the CPA Consultants’ Alliance about the depth and breadth of these issues, what firms should be doing now to thrive in the future, how consulting services can unlock unprecedented opportunities for your people, your firm and your clients, and the role marketing professionals can play in building their firm's consulting practice.

Learning Objectives:
1) Evaluate the components of top-line, organic growth in their firm
2) Understand the differences between the current firm growth model and what it takes to achieve growth in a more diverse, consulting oriented practice
3) Apply strategic thinking to determining which marketing and sales activities are worth investing in based on how growth must be achieved in order to grow a consulting practice
4) Learn pitfalls to avoid when building a practice through actual case studies and examples
5) Utilize pipeline management to ensure goals are met

6/12 12:45PM1:55PM

AAM Recognizes Excellence Awards

6/12 1:55PM2:45PM

AAM1917. Track This, Not That - Digital Marketing Metrics Your Managing Partner Will Care About

Bob Goricki - Director of Digital Marketing, Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing

Today’s digital marketing tools give us access to a tremendous amount of data on our marketing efforts. What these tools do not give us is more time in front of our managing partner to share our treasure trove of insights. We need to keep it simple and keep it relevant. This presentation covers the best digital metrics to catch your managing partner’s attention. Discussion topics include:

• The importance of blog article Entrances compared to total Page Views
• Tracking clicks generated by keyword-specific search results and not just keyword rankings
• The relevance of paid search cost per conversion compared to cost per click

Focusing on the right metrics will result in time well spent with your managing partner and better demonstrate marketing’s value to the firm.

Attendees will receive access to a marketing metrics dashboard PowerPoint template.

Learning Objectives:
1) Gain a basic understanding of key digital marketing metrics.
2) Learn how to create relevant dashboard reports to summarize and present your digital marketing metrics.

6/12 1:55PM2:45PM

AAM1918. Seven Firms in Five Years – I Have a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Joe Kovacs - Director of Marketing and Business Development, Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell P.C. (CBM)
Peter Reilly - President and Managing Partner, Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell P.C. (CBM)

Merging accounting and consulting practices into an established accounting firm impacts the acquiring culture, delivery systems, professional development, business development, marketing, communications and technology processes. The challenges of integrating multiple offices are outweighed by the benefits gained in enhanced services, increased industry niches and a well diverse culture. While the acquisitions of larger firms usually make industry headlines, it is the smaller and mid-sized firms that are the most changed on every level. CBM has successfully integrated seven firms over five years, in the process doubling the number of the firm’s professionals, adding an additional office, new practice areas, and adopting new technologies. CBM is who we are now, recently.

Learning Objectives:
1)Learn how to succeed during significant organizational change. They will use an animation video to take participants through the heightened level of activity at CBM during this period. They will highlight critical marketing and client relations tactics, such as open house events, electronic communications and press releases, communications deployed to introduce new practice areas through Did you Know e-blasts, professional education events and cross-selling opportunities, and the success of managing communications across two offices.
2)They will also show a firm that achieved high levels of diversity and inclusion, and CBM’s commitment to integration with individual team members during a period of accelerated growth through social events including tea gatherings, yoga, happy hours and others.
In an era of increasing mergers and acquisitions, the leadership from firms across the country--and internationally—are deciding to adopt practices that contribute to growth and longer-term positioning.
Managing partners, management team members (including those invested in mergers) and marketing professionals attending this session will learn about those areas of responsibility and decision-making, technology integration, new staffing structures, the absorption of marketing practices or the adoption of new ones, and the critical importance of internal communications to ensure that, despite the fears and challenges associated with organizational change, the result can be successful and lead to a more financially successful organization with new resources and capabilities to serve target markets.

6/12 1:55PM2:45PM

AAM1919. Optimizing Your Role as a Business Development Professional

Jason Jobgen - Director, BKD,LLP

How do you optimize a business development position? Whether you are a business development professional who wants to provide maximum value to your firm or a firm leader who wants to get the most out of your sales professional, aligning the interests of the firm and the sales person is imperative to success.

Over the last 16 years Jason Jobgen has led sales teams and managed practices at BKD, LLP. During this session Jason will discuss the major disconnects he has seen in our industry between firm leadership and business development executives. The session was designed for CPA firm business development executives but the content is also appropriate for those managing sales people or considering an investment in sales resources.

Learning Objectives:
1) Understand firm drivers behind growth
2) Align a business development role with firm expectations and goals
3) Overcome common challenges of the BD role
4) Align incentives and compensation with desired outcomes

6/12 3:00PM3:50PM

AAM1920. Coaching Teams & Individuals to Maximize Performance

Adelaide Ness - Executive Vice President, The Rainmaker Companies

Many business development professionals have dual roles: working externally to generate and pursue opportunities; and working internally to help others with their personal business development efforts. The latter requires special skill and an effective approach. This session will provide an overview of best practices for coaching professionals that have been honed over more than two decades.

Learning Objectives:
1. Participants will learn the EMPOWER coaching framework
2. Best practices for coaching people and teams within their firms.

6/12 3:00PM3:50PM

AAM1921. Let Your Clients Tell Your Story: Getting Great Testimonials

Christine M Nelson - Senior Communications Consultant, Ingenuity Marketing Group,LLC
Dawn Elizabeth Wagenaar - Principal, Ingenuity Marketing Group LLC

How do you get clients to say more than, 'They are responsive,' or 'They provide great, quality service'? In this session, learn the interview techniques and active listening skills that get real stories from your clients to differentiate your firm. We highlight our experience from hundreds of client interviews over more than a decade. You will learn how to ask for the interview, create the right questions, listen for telltale signs of dissatisfaction that can retain a straying client, and secure an approved, 'wow' testimonial or case study for marketing.

Learning Objectives:
1) Messaging to get partner support if necessary
2) Develop your process for asking busy clients to be interviewed and make them feel special
3) Key questions that get better answers during the interview
4) How to craft the transcript into a 'wow' testimonial that clients will approve

6/12 3:00PM3:50PM

AAM1922. Building and Scaling Your Marketing Team

Rhonda Maraziti - CMO, Withum Smith + Brown,PC

Building a high-performing team to match the needs of your growing Firm can be an exciting yet daunting journey. Join Rhonda Maraziti, Chief Marketing Officer with Withum, as she shares her story of starting at the bottom of the Marketing Department ladder 13 years ago as part of a team of four in one office, working her way up to leading a dynamic team of 22 marketing professionals in six major financial centers. She will also share the key elements of building and adding talented marketing team members to accommodate your Firm's vision for growth and the ever-changing demands of technology.

Attendees will learn:
1) Different types of departments within the Marketing Department, and what the expectations are in these roles;
2) When to create 'specialists' versus 'generalists'... even in Marketing;
3) Strategies to help build trust in each other and in the team's purpose;
4) How to be an advocate for your team, even with work/life balance.

6/12 4:50PM6:05PM

AAM1923. Google 2019: What You Need to Know 

Danielle Leitch - Executive Vice President, MoreVisibility

As Google continues to dominate the customers digital journey, as well as provide valuable resources for marketers, make sure you are up to date on the latest and greatest. In this session, we will explore what every firm should have their Google Toolbox. Topics covered will include:

• Full-funnel marketing opportunities in Google Ads
• Effective targeting strategies
• Leveraging Google Analytics for ROI
• Establishing meaningful KPIs
• What’s Next from Google? - Voice Search, Behavioral Marketing and more!

Learning Objectives:
1) Gain deeper understanding of the hottest topics in Google brands should be considerate of now and as they strategize for 2019.
2) Learn actionable takeaways to help brands to leverage the most sophisticated options and predictive tools within Google to meet users' needs early and often – including before they even begin to search.

6/12 4:50PM6:05PM

AAM1924. Inclusion as a Brand Advantage

Joanne Y. Cleaver - President, Wilson-Taylor Associates Inc.

Inclusion shapes firm reputation; can open new business relationships; and can further relationships with existing clients – if it is done right. The Accounting MOVE Project has converted the business case for inclusion to business results since 2010. Here are best practices that drive “return on inclusion” to capture the potential ‘diversity dividend” for reputation, growth, retention and firm value, and case studies from major firms that show real results.

Learning Objectives:
1) Understand why diversity & inclusion is so essential for proposals and what potential clients look for
2) Learn how talent & HR can best coordinate with marketing and business development to synchronize the mutual goal of ensuring that women and diverse staff gain essential business development experience that qualifies them for partner
3) Learn how to build a ‘trust halo’ when your firm is still ‘in process’ on inclusion efforts - as all are
4. Hear case studies from major firms that have converted diversity recognition to revenue

6/12 6:30PM9:00PM

Dine & Connect

Coming to AAM Summit at ENGAGE alone or just looking to enhance your experience? Interested in meeting new colleagues and networking in small groups? Join the fun with the AAM Dine and Connect Evening!

Thursday, June 13 2019

6/13 6:30AM6:55AM

ENG19VCC5. Recent financial fraud activity: What can be done to prevent it?

Brian Fox - President and Founder,

Description: An alleged $10 million fraud this past fall involving the parent company of Newsweek involved the creation of a fictitious auditor along with fake financial statements. In another recent fraud, a Pennsylvania church administrator is accused of scamming more than $1.2 million from his employer, in part by creating fake audit reports to deceive the church’s board of trustees. Unfortunately, similar frauds are more common than you think as it can be too easy to manipulate financial information, and most aren’t covered by the media. These cases and others like it highlight the need for protection against bogus audit reports, but what can be done to prevent it from happening? Join us as we discuss how financial fraud is occurring and steps you can take to protect your firm and clients.

Learning Objectives:

1) Identify ways financial fraud is occurring
2) Describe the impact and cost of fraud
3) Determine steps you can take to protect your firm and clients’ businesses

6/13 6:30AM6:55AM

ENG19VCC6. CPAFMA: Connecting in Ways to Reveal the Way Forward

Ann White - Regional Human Resources Manager, BDO USA LLP
Joyce Arthur - Alliance Client Services Support Manager, BDO Alliance USA
Sharon Trabbic - Chief Operating Officer, William Vaughan Company

This virtual coffee will provide the Conference’s virtual attendees with some insights as to CPA Firm Management Association and the role of the firm manager and what it means to firms today and how the position and professional can connect to reveal future growth and success of the firm, regardless of firm size.
Learning Objectives:
1) Participants will understand the role the firm manager/COO plays in a CPA firm.
2) Participants will be able to determine when a firm is ready for a firm manager/COO.
3) Participants will be able to evaluate the responsibilities a firm manager/COO should be responsible for based on firm size.

6/13 8:00AM9:15AM

ENG19K04. Stress-Testing America's Prosperity

Zanny Minton Beddoes - Editor-In-Chief, The Economist

For years, America's economy has led the rest of the developed world, but will the U.S. remain the global dynamo or is the country’s ongoing recovery built on an unsustainable pile of debt? Minton Beddoes examines the economic outlook from American and global perspectives, offering up-to-the-minute insight on policy-makers' priorities and expertise on the likely direction of issues, ranging from job creation to the deficit's effect on global interest rates to potential financial regulation.

6/13 9:30AM10:45AM

AAM1925. Building Relationships and Referrals Through Networking: Online and the Real World

Jean Caragher - President, Capstone Marketing

Networking continues to be a top lead generation strategy for CPA firms. In fact, according to Gear Up for Growth, networking with prospects and referral sources is one of the top four marketing activities firms of every size plan to increase. This is particularly important since “referrals from peers, friends or family” is the top tool millennial business owners use to find accounting services.
Attendees will enhance their networking skills with a mock networking event during the session and leave with practical ideas and processes to grow their referral network.
Don’t miss out on the most effective way to generate leads simply because you don’t think you have the skills. Attend this session and prove yourself wrong – and grow your referral network.

Attend this hands-on, interactive session and learn:
1) How to create and expand your network – even if you are an introvert
2) The five obstacles to networking and how to overcome them
3) How to prioritize your network
4) The Top 12 questions to ask at a networking event
5) Six networking don’ts
6) How to establish and grow your network through social media

6/13 9:30AM10:45AM

AAM1926. No Time, No Problem: How Content Creation Can Compete (And Win) Against The Billable Hour

Abbey Kanellakis - Content Development Specialist, Rea & Associates,Inc.

Your managers and principals (you know, the ones you depend on to help you produce killer content to support your marketing strategy) are busy. They don't have time to write that 700-word blog post you need, and they don't understand why you are asking them for it now - with their major deadline approaching and client meetings to attend to. So, how do you get the killer content you need without asking them to forfeit the billable hour? This session will reveal several easy solutions you and your team can put into play immediately and will address content creation for a variety of mediums.

Learning Objectives:
1) How to be more effective when asking firm leaders for their expertise and thought leadership.
2) How to pull amazing content from principals, managers and other thought leaders (during busy season or in between client meetings) without them even knowing.
3) Content generation tools that will make your life easier.
4) How everything old can become new again when repurposing content

6/13 9:30AM10:45AM

AAM1927. Finding Hidden Business Development Horsepower at your Firm

Art Kuesel - President, Kuesel Consulting,Inc.

The growth statistics don't lie. The profession is in a two year trend of organic growth decline. Firms need business development horsepower more than ever to grow their firms. And, this growth can come from new and previously hidden sources. In this program we'll identify four major ways of adding organic growth and horsepower and follow the careers of four 'non-traditional' business developers who have added significant revenue to their firms by embracing a career shift toward 100% business development.

Learning Objectives:
1) Identify new sources of organic growth,
2) Apply new strategies to source growth within the four walls of the firm, and approach leadership with recommendations that can help drive new organic revenue sources.

6/13 11:15AM12:05PM

AAM1928. When Accounting and Content Add Up: How to Measure Content ROI

Samantha A. Nystrom - Content & Digital Marketing Manager, Sikich LLP

Accounting and content and digital marketing are polar subjects that have common denominators: analysis and ROI. As digital marketing becomes more integrated, from recruiting to audits and everything in between, it gets harder to determine its ROI. With data streaming from social media to Google Analytics and PR placements, what should a company hone in on? Create a digital strategy and learn about the ROI in marketing through simple math: add your most recent digital marketing efforts, subtract the least engaging content, multiply one piece of content into six, and divide your new marketing plan internally and externally to make the most of your digital marketing efforts. Walk away with a better understanding of digital marketing analytics, and which data speaks to the greatest ROI.

Learning Objectives:
1) Distinguish which data to focus on to help refine your digital marketing strategy for greater results with less effort.
2) Walk away with an understanding of the impact content marketing has on business metrics to more effectively measure content marketing ROI.
3) Understand how to do this with minimal effort through a worksheet that guides you through how to take one piece of content and easily multiply it into six pieces that can be used in various outlets.
4) After this session, you will be better able to align content and revenue attribution.

6/13 11:15AM12:05PM

AAM1929. Tales from the Other Side: The CPA as a BD Executive

Jay L. Oliphant - CPA, DHG LLP

As accounting firms recognize the value of a solutions-based approach to serving clients, the demand for CPAs who can ask the right questions and develop trusted relationships increases. Some CPAs have translated these skills into full-time business development roles. In this session, participants will hear from a successful CPA from a Top 20 accounting and advisory firm who has dedicated his career to creating new business opportunities. CPAs, marketing specialists, and business development professionals will gain valuable insight on leveraging their skills and experience to grow their firm.

Learning Objectives
1) Understand the role of Business Development in today's CPA firm
2) Leverage the diverse background of marketing and business development professionals to grow their firm.

6/13 11:15AM12:05PM

AAM1930. We have too many projects planned for next year - how do we *wisely* prioritize them?

Launa Stewart - Founder / Principal Consultant, Launa Stewart Consulting

Do you have too many 'Urgent/Top' priority projects lined up for next year? Are you constantly navigating the competing needs of the different groups within your firm? In this session you will learn ways to better consolidate, articulate, and prioritize your organization's initiatives so that you can confidently draw the lines between 'should do” / “could do” / “might like to do someday”-type categories. Using decision science techniques & tools, see how you can fold hard data with “soft input” together to give your firm the best foundation possible for making sound and informed growth decisions.

Attendees will learn:
1) How to clarify your firm's most important goals / characteristics when measuring and weighting projects / initiative portfolio(s)
2)Different decisions science methodologies that can be used when gathering stakeholder's input
3) How to evolve your prioritized project list over time; integrating the inevitable changes that will occur in the market place, evolving client needs and expectations, and developments within your firm.

6/13 1:15PM2:30PM

AAM1931. Playing Politics: The Psychology of the Human Workplace

Karlyn Borysenko - Organizational Psychologist, Zen Workplace

When most people think of office politics, they have a visceral negative reaction. But here’s the thing: When you learn to navigate the unspoken rules of the workplace, you can achieve more than you ever dreamed! Playing Politics offers five concepts you need to know based on the science behind how human beings make decisions at work. It’s a crowd pleaser, a talk that with entertain, inspire, and offer practical advice for improving your office effectiveness.

Learning Objectives:
1) Understand the psychological drivers of how people make decisions at work.
2) Build better relationships at work with people at all levels in your organization.
3) Inspire you to think differently about the dynamics of your organization so that you can be an influencer and change agent, using “politics” for good rather than for evil.

6/13 2:45PM4:00PM

ENG1932. What is the Purpose of a CRM and How Do I Find The Right One? (PST, AAM)

Sarah Dobek - President and Founder, Inovautus Consulting

An organization focused on growth knows it should implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The problem is that it is quite difficult for firms to find one they like, and when they do find one they like, it can be almost impossible to get traction. A successful CRM journey starts with the right expectations and the right set-up. CRM isn't only for sales and marketing, it's an effective tool for client service! This session will discuss the various uses and roles of CRM and what you should look for in a system that matches your needs. Learning objectives: 1) Participants will learn how a customer relationship management (CRM) system benefits the various branches of an accounting firm 2) Participants will learn what they should look for when selecting a CRM system and how they can set it up for success

6/13 2:45PM4:00PM

ENG1933. Roundtable Discussions: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (PST, AAM)

Michelle Golden River - President, Fore LLC

Practitioners Roundtable to facilitate discussion on Human Resources, Information Technology and Business Development. Learning objectives: • Discuss best practices in internal CPA Firm management and administration • Learn from experiences of other participants

6/13 4:15PM5:05PM

ENG1935. Mindful Technology: Embracing Technology, Innovation and Mindfulness to Create Greater Human Connections (PST, AAM)

Embracing new technology, will not isolate people or make us irrelevant as some fear. Instead, when used correctly and ethically, technology can empower leaders and employees to create stronger business relationships. Learn how to leverage technology to tap back into your purpose and creativity, become more mindful and empathetic as leaders and communicators, and create a greater sense of work-life harmony. In this presentation, you will: 1) Unlearn the routines of the past by embracing technology and learning how it’s currently being incorporated and connecting people in business and improving company culture 2) Tap into self-discovery and mindfulness techniques to feel more fulfilled in the work you do 3) Learn how to let technology do the heavy lifting so you can dedicate more time to developing the soft skills necessary to create a collaborative and lasting relationship with your employees and your customers

6/13 4:15PM5:05PM

ENG1934. Reimagining Cross-Selling as Cross-Solving (PST, AAM)

Carrie Steffen - President, The Whetstone Group

Your clients' experience working with your firm is your greatest differentiator and one of the key drivers of client loyalty. We've all heard the term cross-selling--but it's time for a change of mindset. When practitioners begin to re-imagine cross-selling as helping clients with solve the puzzles of both issues and opportunities facing clients' businesses, those practitioners unlock endless potential ways to endear clients, create more satisfying relationships and generate revenue.

During this session we will look at key factors in changing the dialog around doing more for existing clients by understanding the skills and behaviors professionals should practice to deepen relationships with clients and begin to become a true advisor. We'll discuss what cross-solving looks like and more importantly, how to communicate to clients the value you are delivering.

After completing this session participants will be able to:
1) Understand the mindset of cross-solving
2) Talk with clients about how the value you create solves their issues and/or helps them take advantage of opportunities
3) Help their firms drive top-line revenue growth through client relationships
4) Meet needs as clients' demands evolve and keep their firm relevant to a market that wants more from the CPA relationship